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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Marriage Customs - Part 2 - Some comments
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 23:53:48 EST

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<< Nothing could illustrate duplicity any more than a Monthly
Meeting, the majority of whose members had married out
of meeting, proceeding to disown a man & woman for marrying
out of meeting! But it happened and as time passed the situation
became worse and worse. Everyone knew it did not make sense
and it was destroying the Society of Friends. It was for this reason
that in the Orthodox reforms of the 1870s, disownment for marrying
out was finally thrown out of the Discipline. >>

This following is based on the correct or incorrect understanding that
the world wide population of The Friends is about 50,000
In all seriousness, and with NO cynicism, I would very much like to know
the historical/social/other forces at work that have practically destroyed
Quakerism. From the point where it was a quite viable albeit oppressed
minority, to the point where it is disappearing into the woodwork almost
as fast as Shakers, who do not propagate at all.

I can even imagine a totally positive set of factors having to do with the
general population need for heirarchical and domineering religions.
(But i am not offering that as an argument)

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