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Subject: [Q-R] Wm Penn Land Buyers
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 12:24:33 EDT

Hello Everyone,

The following turned up on another list message I received in my search for
MARSH ancestry (one Quaker for sure..the Gravener Marsh folk, a collateral
line) and the other in Gates/Hertford (ie, Chowan, etc.) NC. For a variety
of reasons, including the naming of children from the latter group with
Quaker names from the Perquimann/Pasquotank/Rich Square (if I remember)
MMs..Patterson/Pattison, Biddle/Bittle, Jordan, Harrel wife...also probably
had Quaker background.

Anyway, I hope this is of interest. I know nothing about the source, so
can't answer any questions.

Janet Hunter

Land: 1682 LANDS Granted by PENN to Purchasers of Eng.,Ire.,Scotland,etc.:

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1682 LANDS Granted by PENN to Purchasers of Eng.,Ire.,Scotland,etc.:

1- Philip Ford, Thomas Rudyard, Harbert Springet....
2- James Claypoole, John Moore, Joseph Moore, Sabian Cole,
Thomas Baker, Humphrey South, Samuel Jobson........
3- Edward Jefferson, Thomas Scot, John Goodson, John Beckley,
Daniel Quare, John Stringfellow, Richard Townsend, Caleb Pusey,
Henry Sleighton, John Pusey, Thomas Virgo, Thomas Burbary,
John Alington, Richard Jordan, Samuel Benet, Thomas Cobb,
John Tibbey, Elizabeth Shorter, Amos Nicholls, Jno. Barber,
Jonathan Stanmore, John Spencer, Mark Keywton, Edward Crow,
William Bosswell, Edward Simkins,
4- Thomas Farnborrow, Hugh Chamberlains.....
5- Nicholas Moore.....
6- William Bowman, Griffith Jones...
7 William Kent, Benjamin East, Charles Bathurst, John Toovery,
William Philip and Jos.his son, Nathl Harding, Wm Carter,
Francis Harrison, John Carver, John Swift & Wm Lawrence....
8 Robert Dimsdale, Hugh Lambert, Thomas Rudyard, Harbert Springet,
William Busel...
9- William Markham, Henry Waddy, John Day, Francis Clumstead, William

10- George Fox, Alexander Parker, Robert Lodge, John Buryeat,
Thomas Zachary, Thomas Parks, Thomas Longhorn, Thomas Lawson,
Christopher Taylor........
11- Wm Bacon......
12- Nathaniel Allen, John Hartt, Henry Comley, William Smith, James
Richard Coslet, Edmund Benet, William Smith Mariner, Margaret
Martindel,John Love......
13- Charles Marshall, Charles Jones - Charles Jones, Junior,
Robert Vickris - Richard Vickris, John Moon, William Brown,
Charch Harford, Richard Sifeed, John Jones, Michael Jones......
14- Richard Marsh.....
15- Thomas Callowhill, Nathaniel Evans, Thomas Pagget, Thomas Paschal,
Joan Dickson, James Petre, John Jennet,
Roger Drew, Edward Erberry, William Lane......
16- Edward Martindel, Philip Th. Lehnman, Arnold Brown, William Cole -
N. & N.,
Peter Young, Tho Bailey, Joel Jelson, John Bristow, Tho: Priggs,
George Keith, A.B........
17- George Powell, John Clare, John Hill, Christopher Forford,
William Beaks, Samuel Allen, Walter King, John Passons - Abram
Thomas Plaice, Richd. Mills, William Alloway, Francis Harford, John
Wall -
John Wallis, John Coats, Richard Collins......
18- George White, John Sansom, John May, George Green, Francis
19- John Barber, Thomas Rowland, Thomas Adams, John Songhurst,
John Barns, Thomas Banks, William Wade.

[REFERENCE: PA Archives, 1682, 1:1:40]

20- John Willard, Priscilla Sheppard, Sarah Barsnet, Israel Branch,
Elizabeth Sims, Thomas Brown, Walte Martin, Thomas Harriot..
21- Tho: Dell, John Penington, William Penington, Edward Penington,
Mary Penington, Thomas Ellwood, Thomas Cobourn, Alexander Beardsly,
John Price,
William Pardo, Francis Fincher, Charles Lloyd, Margt. Davis, Richard
23- William Jenkins, John Poyer, William Mordant, John Burge,
John Bevin, William Powell, Lewis Davis, Morris Lenholme,
Thomas Simons, John Bevin, Edward Prichard...
24- William Bringley, Anne Olive, John Hart, Joseph Richards, Joshua
Robert Adams, John Harper, Richard Hands, John Hewes, William
Edwards Walter, Thomas Serey, Edward Betrice, Tho: Minchin, John
25- John Ap John, John Winn, John Thomas, Evan Jones..
26- Ralph Withers, John Bezer, John Clerk, Isaac Self, Edwards Guy,
Edward Luff,
John Luff, Richard True - Richard True, Junr - John Brothers -
Robert Sergel, Edward Bezor, Anthony Elton, Edward Brown, Daniel
John Harding, John Gibbon, William Smith, Samuel Noise, Thomas Sagar
- Susannah Baily, John Buckley, William Withers...
27- George Andrews, William Sute, Francis Smith, Ann Crawley, Robert
Robert Stephens, Thomas Gerish, William Clouds, Oliver Cope, Enoch
John Retye, John Bunts, John Kinsman, Wm. Hitchcock, Wm. Bezer,
Thomas Hatt, James Hill, Thomas Haywood, A.B......
28- John Boy, Jane May, Edward Edwards, Robert France, Philip Running,
William Bayly, Henry Bernard, John Collet, Nathaniel Park, William
Edward Jeffries (20th Oct. 1681), William Isaac (20 Mar. 1681),
Daniel Smith,
Edward Blardman, Edward Bayly, A.B......
29- William Lowther, Margt. Lowther, John Lowther, Charles Lowther...

30- William Crispin, Silas Crispin, Benjamin Chambers, James Hunt,
John Chambers, Henry Green, Peter Bland, Samuel Fox
31- Lawrence Growdon, Joseph Growdon
32- William Penn, Junr, Laetitia Penn
33- Joseph Martin, James Lyell
34- George Whitehead, William Gibson, Richard Webb, Leonard Fell
Richard Richardson, Nathaniel Bromley, John Reynolds, William Tanner
John Tanner, Joseph Tanner, Robert Greenway, Francis Bourough,
Edward West
35- Richard Gunton, sold to Richard Hastlegrove, Bazillion Foster, Dugel
John West, Ralph Kinsey, Thomas Powell, Ralph Ward, Philip Alford,
Samuel Atkinson, Gilbert Mace, James Boyden, Richard Wooler, Isaac
Nehemiah Mitchell, France Dove, Edward Samway, William Wiggins, A.
36- The Society of Traders
37- The Same Society of Traders
38- Thomas Ellwood et ux, Henry Child, Amy and Child, Henry Child,
Thomas Saunders, John Kison, Richard Heming, Robert Jones,
John Geary, Henry Geary, John King, Henry Paxton, Henry Palling,
John Martin, Richard Baker, Wm. Ashby, Robert Dunton, Thomas Woolfe
39- Samuel Carpenter, Abraham Park, Richd Amor - Wm Amor,
Wm. Bryon - John Wisdom, Richard Worrel, Robert Knight

40- Thomas Rowland, Robert Taylor, William Taylor- Peter Taylor,
George Glean, John Edge, Randal Maylin, Thomas Vernon,
Thomas Minshall, Robert Vernon, Thomas Powell, Randall Croxton,
Allen Robinet, Henry Maddock, James Kennerly, John Sharpless, John
41- Joseph Powell, Jane Lownds, John Worrell, Thomas Cross,
George Pownell, Matthew Grange, Shadrach Wally, John Nickson,
Shadrach Welch, John Clows, John Peirce, William Charley,
William Bostock, Joseph Hall, James Duke, John Hoskins,
Thomas Kinsley, John Brock, Charles Pickering, John Brown,
Peter Worrel - Joshua Worrel, Tho: Buckley - Saml Buckley,
42- Thomas Brassey, John Simcock
43- John Alsop, Thomas Wooldridbe, Josiah Ellis, William Yeardley,
John Hitchcock - Tho: Barret, Bartholomew Coppock, Joseph Milner -
Danl Millner, Richards Crossby, Joseph Kettlemore, Peter Leicester,
Bartholomew Coppock, George Simcock, John Simcock.
44- James Harrison, Cuthbert Hurst, Henry Bayly, John Shears,
Thomas Crosdel, Nicholas Waln.
45- Robert Turner, Joseph Fisher
46- George Rogers, Francis Rogers, Samuel Claridge
47- Thomas Holms, George Shore
48- William Sherlow, John Blunston, Michael Blunston, Luke Hank,
Thomas Whitley, Joshua Fenn, Edmond Cartlidge, Joseph Potter,
George Wood, Thomas Worth, John Oldham, Samuel Bradshaw.
49- Solomon Richards, Arthur Parrin, John Napper, John Dennison,
Sarah Fuller, Elizabeth Lovet, John Rowland, Edward Buckman,
Thomas Buckman, Henry Killing beck, John Bish, A. B.

50- James Dilworth, Robert Halgate, John Burchal, Thomas Morris,
Edward West, Daniel Middlecut, John Jones, Roger Beck,
Richard Hunt, John Sumbers, Robert Turner, William Lloyd, A. B.
51- William Stanley, Thomas Philips, Richard Pierce, James Craven,
Samuel Tavernier, Thomas Pierce
52- William Clerk, Sarah Woolman, George Palmer, Allen Foster,
John Stevens, John Mason, Richard Thatcher, A. B.
53- Edward Stubbard, A. B.(Fuller)
54- C. D.(John Gee), E. F.
55- G. H., J. K.
56- L. M.
57- Isaac Gelius, Peter Dalbo, John Barns, John Songhurst,
John Snashold, Jane Bachelour, Thomas Parsons, Richard Parsons.

End of this list.

NOTE: The above numbers seem to only represent the numbers in a
ledger. The PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES is an effort of the state to
compile the records from approximately 1682 to the mid-1800's. It is
represented in Series, with each series containing numerous volumes.
The original volumes are difficult to find in the state of
Pennsylvania. That difficulty makes it important to put the names
contained in the ARCHIVES on the WEB for all to see.

copyright 1996 Katharine F. Dix


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