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Subject: [Q-R] RE: QUAKER-ROOTS-D Digest V01 #467
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 13:30:17 -0700
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Violet and others,
I have this list that was originally posted by *Sandy.* She did say there
were a few others whose names weren't given in her source, Stephen Week's
Quakers and Slavery."
My Tristram Macy is not on the list with his wife Miriam Barnard; However,
is daughter, Lydia, married John Hinshaw at the NC Deep River Meeting. The
family then moved to IN. Tristram's brother Nathaniel Macy is on the list. I
think Miriam's brother Tristram Barnard is also on the list.

Libni Coffin
William Coffin, Jr.
William Coffin,
Barabas Coffin
Seth Coffin and wife
Samuel Coffin and family
Peter Coffin
Joseph Coffin
Jethro Macy
DAvid Macy
Enoch Macy
Nathaniel Macy
Paul Macy and family
Matthew Macy and five children
Joseph Macy
William Starbuck
Gayer Starbuck
Paul Starbuck and family
William Starbuck
Richard Gardner
William Gardner
Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner (name listed twice)
Tristrim Bardnard
Francis Barnard
Timothy BArnard
Daniel Worth
Francis Worth
Jonah Worth
John Wickersham
William Reece
Jonathan Gifford
Reuben Bunker
Nathaniel Swain
Thomas Dixon

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Leslie, you wrote:
>>>In abt. 1778 a group of the Nantucket families including my ancestors
moved enmasse to North Carolina. This move is recounted in Letters from an
American Farmer by Hector St John de Crevecoeur.<<<

I have the list: "Certificates Received at New Garden Monthly Meeting of
Friends, North Carolina from Nantucket Monthly Meeting, Massachuetts,
1771-1791", a list of about 43 family units, and which is known to be
incomplete. This list was sent upon request through QUAKER-ROOTS in January
1999 by Jeanne Lloyd and again, copies were sent out by me in early in 2000.

I do not any names for 1778, so I would appreciate it if you would send me
this list. I have found other Coffin families, who migrated to NC - some
came from the editor of The Coffin Newsletter and are deep in my files.
My address will be on the envelope of the Nantucket Hisorical Association
flyer mailing, which I said I would be sending to you, yesterday.


Violet Moore Guy

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