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From: "Wilma" <>
Subject: [Q-R] In hopes someone will help me - with my 2 Joseph BUNTINGS
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 07:24:40 -0700

I have a problem and really need some help. I have this in my direct line-
Which I have always thought correct -

William -1) BUNTING
Anthony 1) BUNTING 1600-1700
md 1641 Ellen BAKER 1620-1700
Samuel 2) BUNTING 1648-1724
md 1684 Mary 2) FOULKE
Samuel 3) BUNTING 1687-1741
md 1713 Mary 2) WOOLSTONE
Joseph 4) BUNTING 11 Apr 1728-
md 1753 Sarah 3) BIDGOOD [BIDWELL]

I just received BUNTING GENEALOGY by Elizabeth P. KOLEDA and now I am
confused with my Joseph 4) BUNTING- This is where I need your help.

William -1) BUNTING
Anthony 1) BUNTING 1600-1700
md 1641 Ellen BARKER 1620-1700
Job 2) BUNTING 1660-1702
md1) 1680 Sarah PERKINS
md2) 1689 Rachel BAKER
Samuel 3) BUNTING 1692-1759
md 1716 Priscilla BURGESS
Joseph 4) BUNTING 11 Feb 1728-
md 1753 Sarah BIDGOOD [BIDWELL]

Notice the last entry on both sections is Joseph 4) BUNTING b 1728 A.N.D.
they seem to be the same person - I thought I came down from Anthony 1)
BUNTING as I have in my fist section - B.U.T. according to the book I should
be coming down thru Job 2) and not Samuel 2) BUNTING.

For those of you who have the book, on pg 27 entry 117 is Joseph 4) BUNTING
b 1728. His entry 117 isn't carried on in the book, she stops at 114
Ebenezer - at least that is how I see it. She didn't know who this Joseph
married, but she knew his birth year 1728 - I have him married to Sarah


If you will turn to page 223 entry 616
there is 'my' Joseph 4) BUNTING [#616] - again, only with different parents-
with 'my' Sarah BIDGOOD.


What has me thrown me is that she [the author] has their [Joseph #616]
children as the children I have for Joseph [#117]
my list and dates of b
1. Esther 11 June 1756 [my date]
21 June 1756 [author's dates]
2. Israel 12 June 1757 [my date]
12 June 1757 [author's dates]

3. Sarah 1758 [my date]
1758 [author's date]
4. Joseph 1760 [my date]
1760 [author's date]
5. William 1762 [my date]
1762 [author's dates]
6. Ann b 20 Apr 1764 [my date]
20 Apr 1764 [author's date]

I come thru #2 Israel BUNTING who md Elizabeth LUNDY.

Sarah BIDGOOD had a sister Esther, in her notes I have her also marrying a
Joseph BUNTING- but that is all I have.

Did the author mix Sarah BIDGOOD with Esther BIDGOOD - or do I have to redo
my ancestors? IF I do, at least it is the same line.

One more thing - in Joseph [# 117] birth is given as 1728 - In my records I
have his birth as 11 April 1728. Joseph [#616] his birth was given as
IF we are speaking of the old date- with March as the 1st month, then the 2
would be April and then we have the same date.


Thank you very much

Wilma Fleming Haynes

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