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Subject: [Q-R] Andrew McCoy
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:23:42 -0500

Hi Herbert,
Thank you for taking your time and sharing the background
historical geography of Concord and Newark/Kennett MMs along with
other MMs in the area. It helps a lot in getting an overview of the
area and placing family members.

Hi Jerry,
Thank you for your extended effort providing me, and the list, the
lesson on complications of Quaker Research (i.e. NEVER just one
meeting) expressed in your "random act of genealogical kindness"
using Andrew McCoy's family. I explaimed to myself, "Wow, look at
that!" You must have one heck of a reference library! I, for one,
am very grateful. "The Quaker Collection" has a fine author.

Hi Cheska,
You wrote me off list as well as on. You found that Andrew and Mary
McCoy witnessed the marriage of Mary's daughter Letticia Baker and
Richard Barnard. You asked me what my relationship was to Moses
Key and Elizabeth Yearsley as they are also your ancestors. They
are one pair of my 6th generation great grandparents. Lettice
Baker/Barnard is listed by my genealogy program as a half 4th great
aunt. So, I guess that makes us half cousins 4-6 times or so

Hi Edward,
Thank you for the extra info on Andrew and William McCoy. It was
interesting to read that William McCoy was imprisoned for
non-payment of the war tax.
I have been told by a Battin researcher that William's grandson
Richard McCoy (a Congressman from Harford, Co.) had an appointment
to meet with President Lincoln the day he was assassinated.

Hi Jim,
Thanks again. Jerry Richmond and Cheska Wheatley have convinced me
that Andrew McCoy Sr. was a non-member. No one came up with Andrew,
siblings and parents in the Chester area prior to Jerry's first
finding of Mary McCoy in 1753 and children in 1759. So, I'm at
square one with regard to Andrew's past, his siblings and parents.

Hi Barclay,
Thank you for taking the time to add and confirm William McCoys
marriage in Harford, Co. MD. I suppose his brother Robert (my line)
who married Cassandra Coale (Cole) 9 Jan 1797 in Harford Co. was no
longer a Quaker by that time.

Doug McCoy

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