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Subject: RE: [Q-R] John Briggs with Penn 1682 // Migrations
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 14:51:44 -0800
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Thanks Violet! I've been researching the moravians lately as one of my
ancestors was closely connected with them. I hadn't noticed before that New
Garden was wstablished so close to Bethabara.

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Subject: Re: [Q-R] John Briggs with Penn 1682 // Migrations

Larry More and others:


"In consequence of informations of this kind, received at Nantucket in the
year 1776, a considerable number of them purchased a large track of land in
the county of Orange, in North Carolina, situated on the several spring
heads of Deep River, which is the western branch of Cape Fear, or North West
River. The advantage of being able to convey themselves by sea, to within
forty miles of the spot, the richness of the soil, &c. made them cheerfully
quit an island on which there was no longer any room for them. There they
have founded a beautiful settlement, known by the name of New Garden,
contiguous to the famous one which the Moravians have at Bethabara,
Bethamia, and Salem, on Yadkin River. "

The above was sent to me by my son, Jeff, on July 26, 2000. In September
1999, we had attended the Mendenhall Family Reunion in Guilford, Co., NC
during Hurricane Flood. This is perhaps one of the ways my COFFINs might
have migrated from Nantucket, MA>Guilford, Co,m NC.

Table of Contents
Also other info here


[Table of Contents] [Bullskin Road] [Zane Trace] [The River] [Kanawha Trace]
[Moving West]
[Monocacy Road] [Valley Road] [Carolina Road] [Braddock Road] [Wilderness
[Canada Road] [Forbes Road] [Delaware Road] [National Road] [Wayne Road]

While this URL is called "Brethren Migrations", these are all well known
routes, which started as animal traces, then taken over by the Indians,
finally by our ancestors as they moved across the country.

Look at the "Great Wagon Road" for PA Quakers. I belive that mine probably
came this way. Some were first in Monocacy settlement, near Fredrick, MD.

Violet Moore Guy

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> Betty and intrested listers
> I have not followed the Briggs generations very far down the line, my
connection daughters out on the original imgrants, see below.
> Larry More
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> I have a John Briggs born abt 1680 living in NJ. He married Sarah Smith.
> His faather might be John who married Elizabeth. He died abt 1690. Is
> yours. See my url below
> http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=bharrisb
> ______________________________
> ALLEN, Jeanne (Joan) (1602) & BRIGGS, Clement (Bet 1587 1598)
> Soundex: A 450
> PRIMARY Jeanne (Joan) Allen
> RELATED Tenth Great Grandmother Female
> FATHER George Allen; Male; Born 1580 Weymouth, Dorchestershire,
England; Died 2 May 1648 Springhill, Sandwich, New
> Plymouth, MA
> MOTHER Katherine Starkes; Female; Born 1605 Woking, Surrey,
England; Died 1656 Massachusetts
> PRIMARY Birth date 1602; Weymouth, Dorchestershire, England.
> EVENTS Death date Bet 1638 1639; Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA.
> Soundex: B 620
> SPOUSE Clement Briggs
> RELATED Tenth Great Grandfather Male
> SPOUSE Birth date Bet 1587 1598.
> Death date 23 Dec 1648; Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA.
> SPOUSE Listed as a passenger on the Fortune
> November 11, 1621 The Fortune arrived at New Plymouth,
Massachusetts. The listed passengers were parts of families,
> NOTES along with others, who were left in England or the
Netherlands the year before.
> FAMILY Marriage date Bef 1 Mar 1631; Dorchester, Norfolk Co., MA.
> CHILDREN Thomas Briggs; Male; Born 14 Jun 1633 Weymouth, Norfolk
Co., MA; Died 1 Apr 1696 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA
> Joanna Briggs; Female; Born 1635 Taunton, Bristol Co.,
MA; Died 1685
> Jonathan Briggs; Male; Born 14 Jun 1635 Weymouth,
Norfolk Co., MA; Died 18 Nov 1690 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA
> John Briggs; Male; Born 1637 Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA;
Died Bef 1662
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