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From: Becky Pyle <>
Subject: [Q-R] Curtis Beals Bible
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 13:11:24 -0500

I hope this helps somebody. I just received this copy from the Allen Co.

Curtis Beals Bible from Hoosier Genealogist; Dec 1992; Vol 32, #4


Transcribed and Submitted by Mildred Niklasch

Curtis Beales the father of the following names, was born the 2nd
day of the 4th month - 1779
Hannah Beales the wife.

Curtis Beales was born the 12th of the 4th month - 1786 [sic]
L. Beales was born the 4th of the 10th month - 1802
Sarah Beales was born the 9th of the 12th month - 1804
Jacob Beales was born on the 26th of the 1st month - 1807
Pleasant Beales was born the 21st of the 9th month - 1810
Elizabeth Beales was born the 22nd day of the 4th month - 1812
Daniel Beales was born the 22nd day of the 7th month - 1814
Hester beales was born the 20th day of the 6th month - 1817
Atlantic beales was born the 6th of the 2nd month - 1819
Mary 1-I. Beales was born 25th of the 5th month - 1821
Susanne Beales was born the 25th of the 11th month 1823
Jesse Beales was born 24th of the 8th month - 1825
Ivin Beales was born the 25th of the 11th month - 1827
Evan Beales was born the 25th of the 11th month - 1827
Curtis Beales was born the 22nd of the 1st month - 1830

Evan Beales, the father of the following names, Children, was
born 11 month - 1827
Melinda Jane Beals was born the 29th day of the 11th month - 1841
Melissa Ann Beals was born the 12th day of June - 1844
Arthur Beals was born the 1st day of July - 1851
Harry Alexander Beals was born 3rd month - 19th day - 1853
John Charles Fremont Beals was born 20th - 12th month - 1855
William Oliver Beals was born 31st day - 12 month - 1858
Lenices Benton was born - 1861

John C.F Bales, B. 20th day - 12th month, 1855 and Mell his wife

Leona, born January 4th - 1878
Royal, born September 21st - 1879
Clifford, born June 22nd - 1883
Clarence, born June 22nd, 1883
Leo Dallas, born February 28th, 1886
Fern, born September 29th, 1890
Violet, born November 2nd, 1893
Paul Hobert September 19th, 1899

Clifford Bales, born 23rd, 1883 - wife Evelyn Allen

Mildred Celeste, born 1904
Doris Evelyn, born August 31st - 1908
Fred Allen Bales, born December 8th, 1910
Clifford Bales, Jr., born January 21st, 1918
Mildred C. Bales, born October 28th 1904 - married Herman Ermisch
Linda Lee Ermisch, born October 29th, 1926
John Bales Ermisch, born May 26th, 1932
Clifford Bales, Jr. born January 21st, 1918 - married Mary Loretta

Betsy Cherry Bales, born September 13th, 1942

Curtis Beals, son of Daniel Beals and Susanna his wife and
Hannah Evans daughter of Evan Evans and Sarah his wife were married the
30th of the 7th '1 month, 1801.

John Bales married Miss Mell French April the 10th, 1876.
Arthur Bales married Ella Budler December 18th, 187-

Clifford Bales B. June 23rd - 1883 married Evelyn Allen 1903

Mildred Celeste Bales married Herman J. Ermisch - July 10th 1923
Fred Allen Bales married Elsie Belle Fuller - December 28th, 1935
Doris E. Bales married Orlando Couch - July 2nd, 1936
Clifford Bales, Jr. married Mary Loretta Armstrong - September
28th, 1940

Susanna Beals daughter of Curtis and Hannah Beales, his wife deceased
the 10th day of the 12 month, 1823.
Curtis Beals the husband of Hannah Beals departed this life the 7th
of the 9th month, 1840 A.D.
Jesse Beales deceased the 13th of the 9th month 1840


Melinda Jane Beals deceased the 7th day of July, 1859.
Evan Beals departed this life 13th day of July, 1859.
Louisa wife of Evan Beals departed this life March 1st, 1862.
Harry Bales departed this life March 1st, 1862.
Lentis Benton Bales departed this life March 1st, 1862.
John C.F Bales died December 5th, 1944.

Becky Kenton Pyle
Grade 2 teacher (Mechanicsburg, OH)
Urbana, OH

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