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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Quaker/ Methodist Connection
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 07:19:45 -0800
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Regarding the subject of Quakers>Methodist Churches. Can anyone tell me
about the type of records early (say around 1830/60/70/and up) Methodist
Churches kept and how to access them? I am especially interested in North
Carolina, Virginia and Indiana. Thank you. Sarah
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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Quaker/ Methodist Connection

> It may be inaccurate to suggest that Friends and Methodists have had
> much in common theologically over the course of their respective
> histories. At the outset, their approaches and beliefs were quite
> However, Friends have been known to disagree among themselves
> and split into factions; and some of those factions were heavily
> by the same 19th Century evangelical fervor that swept much of U.S.
> Protestatism.
> Especially in the Midwest, many assemblies of Friends took on many
> of the characterists of the religious majority - programmed worship
> (as opposed to silent waiting), a "professional" clergy, even adoption of
> such
> concepts as "born again" and "a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."
> So I suspect a Friend's compatability with Methodist Episcopal faith
> and practice could have depended upon the Quaker tradition he or she was
> accustomed to. Someone accustomed to attending a Friends "church,"
> singing hymns, listening to sermons, etc., might worship easily among
> Methodists, perhaps even become one with relatively little discomfort,
> especially if no Quaker meeting were nearby.
> A more traditional Friend, with a more traditional background, might
> have had more problems.
> This is only my opinion, but it certainly is based upon the various
> threads of "Friendship" that have influenced my own family and
> personal outlook.
> Frank
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