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From: Cheska Wheatley <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Re: QUAKER-ROOTS-D Digest V03 #90
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 07:43:22 -0800
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> For the last few days I have unable to read the attachements to the Quaker
> Roots messages. Following is the message I have been getting "OE removed
> access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail:" Apparently all
> attachments are considered "unsafe" My ISP is Comcast.net. Does anyone have
> a clue as to what this message means? I don't know who or what "OE" is.


Rootsweb strips out all attachments from messages before they
are posted to the list in order to protect subscribers from
viruses, etc. I think the problem probably lies with your
ISP which considers the list digest an attachment and is
removing it without checking for viruses. You will need to
talk with the techs at your ISP and let them know that the
digest you receive is squeaky clean and should not be a
problem. OE is Outlook Express which is the email software
you are using to access your email. You may need to ask your
techs if you have your preferences set correctly so your
mail comes through properly. It could be you have it set to
reject emails that exceed a certain length which could be
why you are not receiving the digest.

If all else fails, I would suggest that you subscribe to
regular list mail wherein you will receive each email
individually which would eliminate any so called "attachment"

I am assuming that you are also running updated anti-virus
software on your computer which will detect any attachments
that actually carry viruses, worms, trojans etc. It's possible
that the messages you are receiving are not actually coming
from the Rootsweb but someone with an infected computer has
hijacked your email address and is sending viral email that
LOOKS like it is coming from us when it is not.

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