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From: "Jay & Carol Menges" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Quaker/Indian Marriages(?)
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:00:25 -0600
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Hi Jeff (and a few others who are dealing with this thread),

This probably isn't all that helpful but I'm extracting information from
a book about the last of the Delaware Indian chiefs, Charles JOURNEYCAKE /
JOHNNYCAKE (of the Wolf Clan), who is said to be "the first Delaware
[Indian] and probably the first person to be immersed in Kansas" into the
Baptist Church.
His father's surname in Ohio was JOHNNYCAKE although I believe he also
had an Indian name.
The Delawares, themselves, were given that name for the tribe by the
English. They weren't too thrilled about it at first until they were told
they were named after their river and a great English general, Lord De La
Warr--and then they liked it. Their Indian tribal name is Lenni Lenape.
This book is concerned with Moravians and Methodists and then, mostly,
Baptists who worked very hard to bring in early Indian converts to
Christianity. The book relates the famous issues regarding William PENN's
bargain with the Delawares but there's no indication of any of them marrying
Quakers. Whether they did or not, I don't know because they were fairly
chased out of Pennsylvania into Ohio and beyond by other American settlers
(not the Quakers, I believe).
Several Delaware Indian men married captive white girls, and I believe
some white men married Indian women. The book only goes into these details
as far as the particular families involved are concerned. Abraham WILLIAMS
is one of the Delaware men who married a "white captive girl," Mary
CASTLEMAN, in Abt 1796 nr Sandusky, Huron (Erie), Ohio. As you can see,
some of the names chosen, or however they were taken up by the Indians, as
new surnames were pretty standard English/American varieties.
I don't have a wealth of expertise on these things but am merely
studying some of the history, especially now as I'm reading this
family history.

--Carol Menges

> - Has knowledge of an early Quaker marrying an Indian?
> - Knows anything about Indians adopting English names?
> - Has an early "brickwall" where the maiden name is a common English name
> such as "Smith", "Jones", "Taylor", etc.

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