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From: "Elizabeth Zaring" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Quaker/Indian Marriages(?)
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 09:11:39 -0400

>I'm curious if anyone...
>- Has knowledge of an early Quaker marrying an Indian?
>- Knows anything about Indians adopting English names?
>- Has an early "brickwall" where the maiden name is a common English name
>such as "Smith", "Jones", "Taylor", etc.

I am immersed in preparing for a trip to, and researching ancestors who
settled in, Iowa. One of them is Cyrus Beede (1828-1908)who had a 40 year
history of working with the Indians through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Cyrus Beede was one of the Quakers hired by U.S. Grant, first as an Indian
Agent and later worked as an Indian Inspector. I have recently been
referred to a book entitled "Friends and the Indians" by Raynor Kelsey,
published about 1918. Is anyone familiar with this book?

I am descended from the union of Silas Williams(1782-1843) and Susannah
(Susan, Sarah) Cox (Cock). I believe Silas and Susannah were married at the
Mt. Pleasant MM in Grayson Co. Virginia in 1805. Silas comes from well
documented lines of Quakers, but I have found no evidence that Susannah Cox
Williams' ancestors were Quakers. I have found evidence that her maternal
grandmother and paternal great grandmother were Indians from North Carolina,
so this is probably a case where Indians married into a pre-Quaker family.

I find this a very interesting question and will keep it in mind during my
upcoming trip.

Beth Zaring/Ohio

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