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From: "Elizabeth Zaring" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Quaker/Indian Marriages(?)
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:12:21 -0400

>I have, in a collateral line, Enoch HOAG (1812-1884), a Quaker, who was
>appointed Indian Agent for the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Enoch was
>apparently the son of Stephen HOAG and Martha BEEDE. He also lived in Iowa
>for a time. Looks like he may be related to your Cyrus BEEDE. Enoch's 3rd
>wife was Hepsibah HOWARD, from my HOWARD line. If I can provide any more
>information, please let me know

>John S. Adams
>Newbury Park, CA

Dear John,

Thank you for your input and offer of more information. I have the Beede
lineage, especially my direct Beede lines, what I am short on is history.
Are you aware of the excellent Beede family website maintained by Jack
Ralph, http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~nvjack/beede/index.htm ? Martha
Beede, mother of Enoch Hoag, was the brother of Cyrus Beede (1766-1841),
grandfather of Cyrus Beede, Indian Agent. Martha's brother Cyrus was
described, "Cyrus Beede (1766-1841), 6th and youngest son of Judge Daniel
Beede......was an influential man in Sandwich (NH) before 1800. Although
his father never embraced the Quaker faith, Cyrus did, following his
brothers Nathan and Aaron who were the first Quakers from Sandwich in the
Dover Quarterly Meeting. Cyrus married Judith Varney of the distinguished
Quaker family, in Dover in 1793." These quotes came from the Nineteenth
Annual Excursion of the Beede family, found at the Sandwich Historical
Society. Martha's brother Cyrus was a noted Quaker preacher. Apparently the
Hoags and Beede's are quite intertwined, as can be seen on Jack Ralph's
website. I am listed under the Beede Cousins page with my lineage outlined.

Last fall I was quite excited to find a letter written by my gggrandfather
Cyrus Beede (1828-1908)on the Haverford College Library website. It is a
letter written to John B. Garrett and the first sentence explains that Cyrus
is writing the letter on behalf of Enoch Hoag. This address should take you
close to the letter, just click on the small picture of the letter with the
handwritten word, Indian,

I would also like to clarify something from my earlier posting. Cyrus Beede
worked for the Federal Government, Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian
Affairs. He also was involved with Iowa Yearly Meeting and possibly with
the different organization, the Associated Committee of Friends on Indian
Affairs. Apparently the Bureau of Indian Affairs had been under the
jurisdiction of the Department of War, and President U.S. Grant moved it to
the Department of Interior and replaced the Indian Agents with Friends. That
would be how both Enoch Hoag and Cyrus Beede obtained their positons.

What type of information do you have to share?

Beth Zaring

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