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Subject: RE: [Q-R] Francis VANE - John GRUBB ?
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 12:56:27 -0800
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I have the same line that Tom mentions, thru Richard Beeson and Charity
Grubb. The Grubb Family Association has a publication Ancestors of John
Grubb which I have. David Grubb kindly provided my copy. He says in his
introduction: "The new evidence is conclusive--the Grubb family is not
descended from nobility and can be proud of its humble origins in Stoke
Climsland, Cornwall." David Grubb goes on to say that John's father Henry
(Cope was correct according to David Grubb) , a butcher, became one of the
earliest Quakers in Cornwall. Henry had at least 3 run-ins with the law. In
1663/4 Henry was arrested for the third time and imprisioned in Trematon
Castle for several years for non payment of a tithe. As a result he lost
his lease on his land and probably died within several years of his release.
His will did not survive. Wilmot (his second wife) remained in Stoke
Climsland with her oldest surviving son, Anthony. She died in 1698.

Henry's father, also named Henry (John's grandfather) signed the
Protestation against Popery in 1641.

So we have a proud tradition of religious dissidence here!

Leslie Hope

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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Francis VANE - John GRUBB ?

My wife and I are both descendants of John and Frances Grubb through
their daughter Charity who married Richard Beeson. Cope does not
give Frances's maiden name, and I'm not sure what the source is for
her being a Vane. It is clear that she was not the daughter of Sir
Harry Vane, much as I fancy being the descendant of one of the
signers of the death warrant of King Charles I in 1649. If anyone
has anything definite on the maiden name and parents of Frances
Grubb, many descendants will be interested.

Tom Hamm

>Before anyone gets alarmed by thes names in the subject I understand
>that many erroneous web sites and texts exist touting Francis VANE,
>daughter of Sir Henry Vane the younger as the spouse of John GRUBB
>of England and Marcus Hook, PA and mother of his children. I am
>also aware that this Francis Vane was married to someone else at the
>time of the birth of John GRUBB's children. Although there may have
>been a second Francis VANE, legend has it that this is indeed the
>Francis VANE who married John GRUBB.
>Now for the part containing my question, I have come across a file
>with the marriage listed but it also has a date of marriage as being
>March 1707/08. This would coincide with a late marriage for both
>parties and is well after John's children were born and I see no
>reason why it could not be. Does anyone have access to the Quaker
>Records from the meetings at Marcus Hook, PA who can verify this
>wedding date? It may be that someone made up this date to make the
>marriage work assuming that it had to be after Francis' first
>husband's death. I would have to find the source records to be sure
>one way or the other.
>Paul Redden
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