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Subject: Janney and Howell Families in Loudoun Co., VA
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:19:58 -0800 (PST)

I found the following Fairfax Monthly Meeting marriage certificate from "Early Church Records of Loudoun County, Virginia 1745 - 1800," by Marty Hiatt and published by Willow Bend Books:

Aaron Hackney of Frederick Co., Maryland, married Hannah Gregg of Loudoun, 31st day of 3rd mo 1768. Witnesses: Mary Gregg, Joseph Hackney, William Gregg, Thomas Gregg, Emey Gregg, George Gregg, John Hanby, John Gregg, John Gregg Jr., George Gregg, Elizabeth Gregg, Amos Gregg, Elijah Harlan, John Harlan, Aaron Davice, Francis Hague, William Hoge, Sarah Janney Jr., Mary Kirk, Mahlon Janney, Thomas Hague, Elizabeth Hough, Mary Janney, Ruth Janney, Amos Hough, Farling Ball, Ann Schooley, Lydia Hollingsworth, William Kirk, Thomas McGeach, Samuel Harriss, Mary Roach, Mary Hoge, Hannah Roach, Hannah Brown, Mary Brown, Pleasant Hague, Eunise Howell, Rachel Howell, Mary Ball, Hannah Howell, Samuel Hague, Mary Harris, Lydia Hough, Hannah Boone, Jacob Sands, James McGeach, Sarah Sands, Adam Carnahan, Joseph Sands, John Brown, David Howell, Isaac Hague, Benjamin Sands, Richard Roach, William Walton, William Cavins, Thomas Hanes, John Walton, Levi Wells, Isaiah Boone, David Wilson.

The will of Hugh Howell was written on March 6, 1777 and, in it, he named wife Margaret Howell and children Andrew, Abner, John, Benjamin, Daniel, Reubin, Rachel, and Ann. He also named his executors as William Howell and Timothy Hixon and Francis Hague and William Hixon were securities. It's my understanding that the name Ann, Hannah, and Nancy are all interchangeable, and therefore believe that Hannah Howell and Rachel Howell named in the above marriage certificate are the same girls as Rachel Howell and Ann Howell named in the Hugh Howell will.

My question is how (if at all) may the Howells be connected with or related to the Janneys of Loudoun County (besides being neighbors, which I have discerned from the few deeds I've found involving Hugh Howell)?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

David Brown

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