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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Wrightsboro, GA, Quaker records - Jonathan Sell, Part I
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Wrightsborough 1772-1793
Friendsborough 1776-1777"
By: Robert Scott Davis, Jr., Compiler

Pages 15 & 17 (Page 16 - Map)
Records of the Quakers At Wrightsborough, Georgia

"The Monthly Meeting at Wrightsborough was the southernost bastion of
the Society of Friends in colonial America and the only significant Quaker
community to ever exist in Georgia. The unique history of the now dead town
of Wrightsborough has interested numerous scholars and writers. However,
despite the mountain of research and writings on this subject, no one has
made a detailed study of the surviving records of its Monthly Meeting. As a
result, almost every settler who lived in the township has been identified
as a Quaker when, in fact the Friends were a minority there from a very
early date."
"Wrightsbobough Township was settled in 1757 by some forty families of
Orange County, N.C by Quaker Joseph Maddock and Jonathan Sell. Many of the
Quaker families in this migration had moved as a group frow New Castle [in
Delaware, but then under the jurisdictionof Pennsylvania] and Chester
County, Pennsylvania, to North Carolina in 1754-1755, The town of
Wrightsborough, Georgia, the administrative center of the township, was laid
out in 1769-1779. Wrightsborough Township was in St. Paul Parish (after
1777 Richmond County) and is today in Columbia County, (created 1790),
Warren County (created 1793) and McDuffie County (created 1870). The town
of Wrightsborough was neat present day Thompson."
"Religious meetings were probably held among the Quakers at
Wrightsborough shortly after their arrival in Geogia. However. the monthly
meeting of discipline necessary for the Quaker community to be recognized
was not organized until years later and only then after a strange set of
circumstances. The nearest quarterly meeting that could have authorized
their ;monthly meeting was the Western Quater, which held alternating
meetings with Cane Creek and New Garden, North Carolina. In February 1768,
the Quakers of Fredericksbuugh Township "on Bush River" in South Carolina
appealed to the Western Quater for a monthly meeting. Their request was
turned down, as it would be repeatedly, after investigations found the
religous practices there to be ubsuitable, although the Quarater did allow
Fredericksburough to send representatives to the Quarterly Meeting. On 8
November 1770, the Bush River Quakers, including many of the Quakers of
Wrrightsborough, asked for their own monthly meetin, separate from
Fredericksburough. Their request was eventually approved and they held
their first monthly meeting in April 1772. The first representatives from
the new meeting at Bush River to make the long journey to the Western
Quarterly Meeting presented a request , on 13 February 1773 that the
Wrightsboroubn Quakers be allowed to have their own meenting. Jesse Henly,
Moses Mendenhall, and Peter Dillon of the committee appointed to visit the
Georgians endorsed the request but the Qarterly Meeting only authorized a
meeting of worship. Bush River renewed the request for a Wrightsborough
meeting ofdescipome the following August. A committee composed of Zachariah
Dicks, John Carter, Jesse Henley, James Mendenhall, William Tinsley, David
Brooks, and William Knight reported favorably after an investigative visit
to Gorgia and the Wrightsboroough Monthly Meeting, Western Quartly Meeting,
North Carolina Yearly Meeing was begun 1773."

Continues on with notes: pages 18-part of 19.


4th of the 1st Month 1776 of his Orderly:Life &c, which was
Read and Received.

"This Meeting received some lines from Bush River Monthly Meeting by way of
a general Certificate which are as follows.
Respected Friends we do herwith send you a List of the Names as follows of
the Members of your Meeting. --Benjamin Jackson and family: Richard Moor
and family: John Jones and family: Jonathan Sell and family: John Stubs and
family: Catherine Sidwell and Children: Benjamin Dunn and family: Issac
Cooper and family: Rachel Maddock and three Children, Samuel, Hannah, and
Benjamin: Margaret Day and son John: Phineas Mendenhall and familuy: Joseph
Mooney and family: Henry Jones and family, Sarah Curle, Peter Cox:
Deborah Stubbs, now Cox and Family: James Vernon: Joseph Hollingsworth:
Robert Hodgin and family: Walter Jackson and family: Martha Vernon,
Rebecca Todd: Buth Bedle: Hannah Hodgin: Frances Jones and Family: John
Hodgin and family#

#A copy of this record could be found in the Bush Rivier minutes due to a
gap in the records.

Excerpts from Pages 42 - 43


Bush River, South Carolina
Minutes of the Mens Monthly Meetings



12th Mo. - At our Monthly Meeting of Bush River held ye 26th of the 12th MO,

A certificate for Phineas Menenhall came to this meeting for self, wife,
and children, namely, Naomi, Grace, Abigail, Caleb, and Joseph was read in
this meeting and recieved. (p32)


Monthly Metting held 1t of 7th month 1775

James Mendenhall produced aCertificate fron New Garden Monthly Meeting in
North Carolina dated the 5gh day fo the 5th month 1 775, of his Orderly
Life and
Menbeship which was Read and Received. (p 46)


Joseph Mendenhall produced a Certificate from Concord Monthly Meeting in
Chester County Pennsylvania dated the 12th of the 1st Month 1775of his
Orderly Life &c, which was Read and Recieved. (p 46)


>Page 66 has last entry in MM. for James Mendenhall in MM activity:.
>>>James Mendenhall served the MM up & through Ist fay of the Fourth Month

My Question concerns the death of James Mendenhall -- no date of death was
given, that I could locate in this book.

>>>[MFA has James Mendenhall (1718 - 1782) died at Wrightsborough and
buried at Tailiferro Co., GA.]

>p 76-77. (2 entries, 1st on page 76 and 2nd on page 77):
Monthly Meeting 1st Day pf the 12 Month 1781,
>>>Hannah Mendenhall Informed us of her Intensions of Removal within the
Verge of Deep River Monthly Meeting in North Carolina and Requests our
Certificate for that Purpose this meeting therefore appoints Daniel
Williams to
join women Friends in Enquiry into her Conversion and Circumstance and if
nothing appear to obstruct that they prepare one for her and Produce it to
next monthly meeting.

Monthly Meeting 5th day of the l mo 1782,
Daniel Williams Reports that he hath assisted women friends in
>Preparing a Certificat for
>>>Hannah Mendenhall which being Produced here was read Approved
and Signed Directed to Deep River monthly meeting in North Carolina;.


>>>James & Hannah Mendenhall are 5G-Grandparents of Violet (Moore) Guy and
I grew-up on the Oregon BLM homestead of Elvira (Mendenhall) Moore, widow
of Rev. Hiram C. Moore, OH>IN>IA.<<<

Violet Moore Guy


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> Violet,
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> wife,
> Sarah, had nine children........one of whom, Deborah Sell Scott, was my
> gggg
> grandmother.
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
> Linda
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