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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Hallocks of Marquette WI
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 06:26:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Karen -
Re; your Quaker ancestor Richard Hallock going from Erie County to New York to Wisconsin in ca. 1840-1850 (see below), I have a similar search going on. But first, some background...

My mother's JACKSON Quaker ancestry came down for almost 200 years from an Anthony Jackson III in Cavan, Ireland and later in Oldcastle, County Meath, who with his brother Richard was converted to the practice by the celebrated Quaker missionary in Ireland, George Fox, in the late 1600's.

One of Anthony's sons, an Isaac J., came over from Ballitore, County Kildare, to the Quaker settlements in or near Londongrove Township in Chester County PA, with most of his family in 1725.

Isaac's son John Jackson was the father of a second John who skedaddled with his wife (by the name of Susanna Jackson, a relative) and children to Nova Scotia in 1783, after the American Revolution resolution either, as I suspect, because
a), he was left uncomfortable in living as a possible British Loyalist in PA, or
b), he was simply someone who was seeking the opportunity of getting a 'fresh start' by becoming a pioneer at a brand new Quaker settlement on the Bay of Fundy in Canada.
While they were in Canada, their youngest child, Thomas, was born in 1788. Most of this family then returned to the US to Baltimore County MD in 1792. The most recent Quaker record for Thomas is from December 1799, by which time he has moved first with older siblings from the Gunpowder MM in MD, to the Wilmington MM in Delaware, to the Kennett MM in Chester County PA. He would have been about 10 years old by then.

After that, Thomas seems to disappear from recorded Quakerdom....but he is recorded in the US Censuses at East Marlborough Township in Chester County from 1820 to 1850. John C. Jackson, a son, was born to him in about 1815 and is not in any further record I've found yet, that is until he is in Lake Forest, Lake County IL in 1855, and has married a young Irish Roman Catholic widow there. John C. Jackson was a maternal great grandfather of mine.

My own present quests are three:

1. To find out when and to whom Thomas Jackson was married at the time of John C.'s birth in 1815, presumably at East Marlborough Township (where Thomas had apparently linked up to a young lady who had also come down from Canada at some point).

2. To find out the circumstances under which John C. left Chester County in 1835 or after, and where he had been up until 1855

3. How John C. happened to marry a young Catholic widow in Illinois, thus ending his own immediate family's line of descent as Quakers after nearly 200 years..

I recently learned that there were no organized Quaker Monthly Meetings in Northern Illinois established until after 1865, and I suspect the same might be true for the area of Marquette, Wisconsin where your Hallocks had come. So you might have a difficult row to hoe there. But I must ask you this....what is the 1828 census you refer to? Delving into that might be helpful for my own search. RSVP. Thanks!

Bob Wilson
Beaufort CC USA


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1. Hallocks of Marquette Wisconsin (Karen Willard)


Richard Hallock (ca1780-before 1860) was an orthodox Quaker (as per
the 1828 census) and he moved his family (wife Anna, sons Richard Jr
& Edward & dau. Rhoda) to Marquette township in then Marquette
county, (modern Green Lake county), Wisconsin some time after 1840
and before 1850. They moved from Collins, Erie county, New York. He
and they are found there in the 1850 census, and by the time of the
1860 census he has died.

Was there a community of Friends in the area with whom he could have

...a direct descendant of a former prolific Quaker Pioneer at Chester County PA...

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