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Re: Quaker Meetings in Pipe Creek Hundred, MD

'Quaker Records of Northern Maryland, Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Abstracts from the
Minutes 1716-1800' by Henry C. Peden, Jr.,M.A, Willow Bend Books 2006 may be useful.

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> 1. Re: Quaker Meetings in Pipe Creek Hundred, MD?
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> Kathryn Rennie,
> I know little about all the building locations ("meetinghouses"),
> but membership records are kept by monthly meetings rather than by every
> local congregation. There has been since 1772 and is still today an active
> Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting in Carroll County, Maryland. That may be in
> "Pipe Creek Hundred."
> http://www.quakermeetings.com/meeting_view?anID=TST1454L
> I do not know of any published Hinshaw abstracts for Pipe Creek MM.
> However, for eight years prior to 1772, Pipe Creek Preparative Meeting held
> memberships through Fairfax Monthly Meeting based in Loudoun County,
> Virginia. Hinshaw did abstract the records of Fairfax MM.
> http://www.quakermeetings.com/meeting_view?anID=TST688L
> Before Pipe Creek PM was established in 1764, Pipe Creek memberships
> were mostly in Warrington MM in York County, Pennsylvania, so you might look
> there. Again, Hinshaw did not publish abstracts for this Pennsylvania MM,
> but the Warrington MM records have at least been microfilmed by the Mormons
> and could be reviewed at any LDS Family History Center.
> http://www.quakermeetings.com/meeting_view?anID=TST1936L
> All three monthly meetings are in Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and
> microfilm of these records can be found at the Maryland Hall of Records in
> Annapolis and at the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College.
> Perhaps some of the genealogists on this listserv know of secondary sources
> for the Pipe Creek membership, birth and death records.
> Tom Hill
> Thomas C. Hill
> Cincinnati, OH
> and Charlottesville, VA
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> www.QuakerMeetings.com
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> Subject: [Q-R] Quaker Meeting Houses in Pipe Creek Hundred, MD?
> Hello, I was wondering if anyone might know about any meeting houses in Pipe
> Creek Hundred, MD? I'm trying to trace an ancestor of mine, Joshua Parrish.
> According to church records, he converted from "the Society of Friends" to
> Catholicism abt 1800, when he followed Prince Gallitzin to Loretto, PA.
> Joshua's wife, Barbary Timble's family was from Pipe Creek Hundred, MD,
> where they owned land. Her father was Catholic (and arrested as a Hessian
> in Albany in 1777), mother was Protestant. Joshua's parentage is unknown.
> Looking at the names of his sons however, I anticipate his father's name was
> John, Joseph, or James. He named one son George after his long deceased
> father-in-law. The birth order is UKNOWN. John could easily be the eldest
> (he's listed as born anywhere from 1792 to 1801 from different sources),
> he's the one who went with his father to communion in 1810, he took over the
> family land when his father moved closer to Loretto, and he was the first to
> be married, in 1818. Joseph or George, could, however, be the eldest. It
> appears at any rate they were born very quickly, and were likely all 4
> within about 8 years or less of one another.
> >From 1793 to 1795 (at least), Joshua was in Germany twp, York Co, PA,
> working as a miller at a sawmill owned by one John Parr, and after his death
> sometime before 1795, his widow, Elizabeth Parr. He's NOT listed as single
> on the tax rolls, so my assumption is Joshua was married by 1793.
> I'm currently looking at Pipe Creek Hundred, but if anyone knows of any
> Quaker Meeting houses near Germany twp, that were in PA, I'd be glad to
> check those out as well. As no one has found them yet, my personal belief
> is that Joshua went to a meeting house whose records have not yet been
> published (or at least not widely).
> Thanks!
> Katie Rennie
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