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Subject: [Q-R] Joseph Randall and Ann--Real Doane connection?
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 14:23:58 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for those why have posted about my question.  Of course, I would love nothing more than establishing a direct Doane connetion to my Joseph Randall and Ann (who first seem to appear in the South Carolina Quaker records, but who came from Pennsylvania.) 
I was told 10 years ago that any connection between my Joseph Randall and the Doanes was poor genealogy.  It seems that there were several Joseph Randalls in the greater Philadelphia area.  One was probably the one known to have married the Doane.  How would there be so many Joseph Randalls?  Well, they probably were all named in honor of a single grandfather named Joseph Randall, as was the custom.  They probably were all cousins, is my guess.  But here is the rub...Someone has gratuously connected all of the Joseph Randalls to the Doanes and other genealogists have grabbed that faulty information in order to connect.  Now, thanks to quick access to incorrect records, many are citing incorrect genealogy to justify their desire to connect with the Mayflower.  And, as I wrote before, people are sending me their family trees that probably are incorrect, but are unwilling to re-investigate this line.
So, prove me wrong!  Someone please explain to me how I can make a Mayflower connection!

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