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From: "Claude Cregheur" <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 08:12:57 -0500

Bonjour Francis, Normand and John

According to the PRDH, Pierre WALBRUNER and Suzanne TOUGAS-LAVIOLETTE were
married in a protestant church, probably Christ Church, in Montreal on July
6, 1767. For sure it confirms the fact that guy were here before the
American Revolution and were probably in a british regiment. Suzanne Tougas
was the widow of Louis Daveluy and the daughter of Guillaume Tougas and
Marie-Anne Quintal. They had 7 children mostly at Bouchervile. Suzanne
Tougas died on Feb. 25, 1778 at Boucherville after the birth of a daughter
in January. On the certificate Pierre's name was written OWABBREMUER and he
is said to be "capitaine de milice" or militia's captain.

That same year, on Oct. 12 1778 in Vercheres, Pierre WEILBREMNER married
Marguerite QUINTAL, widow of Jacques DUVERNAY and daughter of Michel QUINTAL
& Marie-Madeleine GUERTIN. They had 3 kids at Boucherville. In 1781, at the
baptism of Marie-Anne, the priest added the name of PITTS at the end of
Pierre WILBRENER. I dond't know wath that means but it could be a hint about
his relation with the British?

He is not a Hessian. Maybe that few complementary's notes will confirm that


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