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From: "John Merz" <>
Subject: Re: [Quebec-HESSIANS] Hessen-Hanau soldier Jacob KLAERLE.
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 11:38:05 -0400
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Hallo Dominique,

thank you for looking after my query -
were there any witnesses named for the funeral?
Jacob died eight years after his release from the army.
I just can't believe that he lived all alone in Quebec City during
that time with so many women and French-Canadian daughters
living in same town.

You know this is the only link to my own family tree in respect
to Hessians in Quebec, and I would love to find out if he had
descendants in your great Province.

John Merz
(author of 'The Hessians of Quebec', only a few copies left)

From: "Dominique Ritchot" <>
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 10:41 AM

> According to my notes, Jacob Kleara/Kleara) died in Quebec. His burial
> was 16 March 1791 at Holy Trinity (anglican) Quebec City. I haven't seen
> anybody by that name in any records.
> Dominique Ritchot
> John Merz a écrit :
> > Hello Quebec-Hessians,
> > I am still trying to get an answer to my question, he is in
> > my own line of ancestors.
> > Johann Nicolaus Klaerle also had a son Johann Jacob, born 16-03-1791
> > Québec
> > in Steinau, and nothing else is said about him anymore.
> > HETRINA VI p.248 has this:
> > Klaerle, Jacob, age 20 (in Feb.1773) makes him born in 1753 at Steinau
> > on Muster Roll March 1776 and up to July 1783, stationed in Canada
> > throughout, and reported as a deserter in July 1783, just before the
> > Erbprinz Regiment left for home.
> >
> > Now comes the bad news, having looked for German names in many church
> > books in Quebec, I came across one particulat entry in microfilm
> > of the Nat.Archives, Ottawa: Holy Trinity Church, Quebec, page 120 -
> > March 16, 1791, buried Jacob Clearla, a German, 38 years old.
> > I could not find any other entries, not even in the Quebec census,
> > there is nothing about a marriage or children, but I cannot believe
> > a man lives alone for eight years in a province with so many women.
> >
> > Now just when I believed I found a Hessian soldier in my tribe, here
> > I am running into another brickwall. Are there any descendants of
> > Jacob Klaerle somewhere, also known as Jaques Klerle or Klarle?

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