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Subject: [QUEBEC-HESSIANS] Adam Rohmann
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 04:12:39 +0000
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Jean-Pierre Wilhelmy's book does not have all the names of the auxiliary soldiers. His book is mostly about the history. It sure has a list of soldiers who remained in Quebec, but with no further details.
My book, Les Troupes allemandes au Canada 1776 - 1783 (adapted in french from the one of Virginia Easley DeMarce), has the list of all the soldiers who were discharged and stayed in Quebec and Canada.
As for Adam Rohmann, he came with the Brunswick troop, Riedesel regiment, Speth compagny. He was discharged in Canada in June 1783. Married to Josephte Moreau, most probably in Albany NY (where two of ther six children were born). He had another son with a woman named Marguerite Picard (who at this point remains a mystery).
Only one soldier bearing the name Rohmann. His name changed to Romaine (french spelling).
---------------Adam Rohmann est venu avec les troupes de Brunswick, regiment de Riedesel, compagnie de Speth. Il a été démobilisé en Juin 1783. Il s'est marié avec Josephte Moreau (date et endroit inconnus). Deux de ses six enfants sont nés à Albany NY. Il a eu un fils avec une dame nommée Marguerite Picard (qui demeure un mystère).
Il n'y a qu'un soldat qui corresponde à cet individu. Son nom a évolué en celui de Romaine.



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> Subject: Re: [QUEBEC-HESSIANS] Adam Klein
> Hi Ellen Paul
> WOW very nice write up on Adam Klein a real treasure for the family. Do
> you have a list of other Hessians in you report you may wish to share ?
> I am interested in ROHMANN, Adam and / or ROMAIN(e), Adam I am still
> confused if this is two different people or one person.
> I was told in the book " LesMercenaires Allemands un Quebec by Jean Pierre
> Wilhelmy " the front of the book has all the names of the soldiers and
> Adam's last name is ROHMANN, it then has a section that mentions all the
> soldiers who decided to stay in Canada and Adam's last name is spelled as
> I found this land petition name this time is spelled ROMAINE
> Name: ROMAINE, Adam
> Year: 1787 -1829
> Volume: 48 line 140
> Page: 24766-24769
> Microfilm: C-2512
> sorry rambling on, I was just very impressed with your Adam Klein info and
> wanted to say WELL DONE :-)
> Cheers
> Sheila Stewart-Lafleur
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> Subject: [QUEBEC-HESSIANS] Adam Klein
> Dear Shae Griffin:
> I am not a descendant of Adam Klein, but he was one of the subjects
> [actually his son, Michel] of my paper presented at the 9th North American
> Fur Trade Conference and 12th Rupert’s Land Colloquium in 2006.
> Here is the pertinent part of the paper:
> Adam Klein was also a Jaëger of Wittgenstein’s 4th Company, the batman or
> personal servant of one of the regimental officers. He may already have been
> a widower when he arrived in North America, because when he remarries in
> August of 1779, the register names his first wife as Anne Caton. It is
> possible that she accompanied him to North America--each company was allowed
> to bring up to nine women and before embarking there had been a flurry of
> marriages in Germany. After the war the family stayed in Laprairie. Adam
> Klein and his wife are sponsors to several other Jaëger baptisms and
> weddings. Three daughters and a son were born to them and sometime after
> 1787 the family moved to Montréal where Geneviève died in April of 1791 at
> the age of 27. Drawing on his military experience Adam Klein was now
> described as a sutler and by May of 1792 he had married for a third time. In
> 1796 he served as father of the groom when fellow-Jaëger and
> sometime-voyageur, 46 year-old Michel Ma

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