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From: Carol Hamp <>
Subject: [Q-R] sliders
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 20:29:16 -0800

Hi Lori, I know what you mean by sliders only we called them gleesons.
Don't know if I spelled it right or not. Grandma Lalonde made them often
with chicken broth ,pork hocks or beef. Chicken was my favorite. All you
need is flour ,water pinch of salt and an egg to make them richer. Make
them of a consistensy to roll out on floured board like you would
bisquits about one eightth inch thick(I like mine a little thicker) and
drop in boiling broth for simmering about 15 minutes. I use about 2cups
of flour, 1 egg and water and salt to make one batch. My family likes
them so much I make about four batches to a time. How about gillets to
go with them? That is a small bit of bread dough you pinch off and fry
slowly in small amount of grease then turn and cook until fried thru.
Delicious with melted butter. Carol
Carol Lalonde-Hamp

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