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From: Margaret Breedlove <>
Subject: [Q-R] Filles du Roi Marie Hatanville (Attenville)
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 17:28:04 +1000 (EST)

Hello, I do not have the book, but will share the Filles I do have info on from it. Warmly, Maggie This is from "King's Daughters and Founding Mothers: The Filles du Roi, 1663-1673" by Peter J. Gagne Marie Hatanville (Attenville) was born about 1646 in the parish of Saint-Eustache in Paris, the daughter of Vincent Hatanville or Attenville and Marguerite Duval. She came to Canada in 1669 at about age 23, bringing with her goods worth about 400 livres for her dowry.

On 15 October 1669, Marie married Robert Senat in Quebec City and was given the King's Gift of 50 livres. Neither spouse could sign the marriage contract drawn up on 06 October by notary Becquet. Robert was baptized 23 May 1640 in Saint-Martin de Cantelu (arrondissement and archdiocese of Rouen), Normandy, the son of Martin Senat and Catherine Rosee. He can be found in the 1667 census as a servant of the Jesuits at Sillery and annulled a marriage contract with Fille du Roi Louise Desgranges (29 September 1669, notary Duquet). Robert and Marie settled at Neuville and baptized son Antoine 03 August 1670 at Sillery.

Robert Senat died at Neuville between 03 August and 28 December 1670. On that date, notary Becquet drew up a marriage contract between Marie and Jean Fauconnet dit Lafleur, who signed it. The two were married on 20 January 1671 in Quebec CIty. Jean was born about 1636 in the parish of Saint-Paul in Orleans, Orleanais, the son of Jean Fauconnet and Anne Carre. He and Marie lived at Neuville and had six children. Son Charles was baptized 16 December 1671 at Quebec City, followed by Michel (27 May 1673) and Genevieve (17 October 1675, Sillery). Marie was baptized 03 February 1678, followed by Jean (20 March 1680, Neville) and Francois (07 November 1681). Son Jean died before the 1681 census and Michel, Genevieve and Antoine (son of Robert Senat) died after it.

Jean Fauconnet dit Lafleur died at Neuville between 14 June 1682 and 06 October 1683. On this last date, Marie married Charles Martin at Boucherville. Charles was previously married (1663) to Fille du Roi Catherine Dupuis, with whom he had ten children. He and Marie settled at Boucherville, where son Leger was baptized 13 April 1684.

Charles Martin died at Boucherville between 29 July 1685 and 21 January 1686, leaving Marie with 11 children under the age of 15. On 21 January 1686, notary Moreau drew up a marriage contract between Marie and Claude Francois Cesar dit La Gardelette at Boucherville. Notary Moreau drew up the marriage contract the day of the ceremony, but neither spouse could sign it. Francois was previously married to Fille du Roi Anne Delestre and had seven young children to care for. Francois and Marie continued to live at Boucherville, but did not have any children together. Francois Cesar dit La Gardelette was buried 15 March 1723 at Boucherville. Marie
Hatanville followed him to the grave just one month later. She was buried at Boucherville 28 April 1723.

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