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Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 11:24:48 EDT

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> July 13, 1755 British General Edward Braddock dies of his wounds after he
> and his force of troops and colonial militia were caught in a French and
> Indian
> ambush at Pittsburgh, Penn.

During this attack, French Lieutenant Claude Antoine Drouet, sieur de
Carqueville, was one of the few French fatalities. Three of his brothers who also
held French commissions (Michel, Denis and Etienne) were captured in the
Chickasaw Campaign of 1736. Denis and Etienne were burned at the stake with a Jesuit,
Father Senat. Michel excaped and eventually ended up back in Quebec via
Georgia. Michel was in the 1739 Chickasaw Campaign avenging his brothers' death.
Another brother, Antoine Drouet de Richerville (my ancestor), was the last French
commandant of Poste Vincennes (in Indiana). A very interesting French warrior

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