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Mary / Marie-Madeleine Stilson ( Jacques & Marguerite Marblehead) married
Jean-Baptiste Cardinet, a wigmaker and surgeon from Cléry-St.-André in the
district of Orléans, France, on 31 October 1702 Québec City, contract 18
October 1702 by Notary Chambalon. Her brother Jacques signed the Church
document. You should see the signatures on the contract! Several
"important" people were present at this marriage of a former "enemy". I'll
look it up in my files and share the details later. I sent for this record
because J. B. Cardinet (and possibly his wife) attended the 1730 marriage
of another person I am researching. I still haven't figured out his
connection to her, but another wig maker was also present in 1730.

"Mary" spent six years with the Indians near Sorel and was ransomed by the
wife of the Indendent of New France, Madame de Champigny. She was baptized
28 October 1695 with the name Marie-Madeleine in honor of her godmother,
Marie-Madeleine Chaspoux, wife of Jean Bochart de Champigny. She became a
naturalized French citizen in 1710. She died at Québec 18 November 1768.
[taken from various sources, including photocopies of records.]

The Cardinets had 16 children to 1729, seven of whom died before 1730.

Her brother James / Jacques spent several years among the Abenakis Indians
and was baptized among them, although the record has not survived. He
worked as a clerk for a few years in the King's storehouses and married
Marie Hannah Odiorne, originally from Piscataquis (Maine) in New England,
on 4 October 1705 in Montréal. Mary was widow of John Batson, and her son
John and daughter Mary were taken prisoner with her in 1703. Her husband
died in the attack. Another son Clément Batson was born while she was
captive but he died soon after. Antoine Pacaud, merchant, ransomed her, and
she abjured the Calviniste religion on 14 March 1705. Jacques and his wife,
John and and Mary Batson, and a child born to Stillson, returned to New
England during an exchange of prisoners in 1708. In 1710 the couple lived
in Portsmouth. [This information from Marcel Fournier, _De la
Nouvelle-Angleterre à la Nouvelle-France_, SGCF, 1992.]

I was going to reply the other day but just couldn't get to it then.
Your original request:
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Hello Listers,

I wonder if anyone would be able to tell me if there is anything written
about the life of people captured by the Indians and brought to Canada for
The James STILSON Family, were captured at Pemaquid, Me in 1689 and taken
Quebec. The mother, MARGARET, and a young daughter, also MARGARET, were
servants in the home of JEAN BOCHART de CHAMPIGNY for at least 12 years.
daughter, MARY, after some time married Jean-Baptiste CARDINET and had at
16 children. She remained in Canada. The others, including a son, JAMES,
returned to NE at a later time. There was another son, JOHN, who may have
died young.
Any information or advice on where to look for background material would be

very helpful to me.

Thank you,
Dorothy from RI<
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>Subject: [Q-R] Dorothy Met246DOT (STILSON) 12:14pm 7/15/03
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Hi Dorothy

Saw your posting and found the following....................

"James Stilson was killed and his wife and children taken captive. Mrs.
Stilson(Magaret Gould) was the daughter of Alexander Sanders Gould and
In May 1686 James, John, Margaret, and Mary, children of Margaret Stilson
were baptized at Marblehead. Its believed all were captured with their
Mrs. Margaret Stilson Pemequid was redeemed in 1695
Mary Stilson-gerll Pemquid and Jam(James Stilson) remained.
The local historian says that the three children made the family, James,
Margaret, and one unnamed, that the boy and girl were detained 6 years
than their mother, and by what means they obtained their freedom is not
known. He assumes that the name Mary, quoted above, should be Margaret, but
we know
that Mary was taken and always remained and that Margaret came back.
Mrs. Stilson was, with Hannah Swarton, a servant in the house of the
intendant, and the two women had many sweet refreshing seasons of religious

conversation and prayer, and together withstood all the efforts made for
conversion. After redemption the widow Stilson married on March 30, 1696 at
to Thomas Pitman. She had a long life, dying in 1750 in her ninety-third
It is said that the first deed of conveyance of American soil was made in
1625 by Sagamores Samoset and Unnungoit to Margaret's grandfather, John
who paid fifty beavers for an enormous tract in the Muscongus River region.

Brown in 1660 gave to Alexander and Margaret Gould, Margaret Stilsons
parents , an
area eight miles square, and in what is now the town of Bristol at the head

of New Harbor the Gould and Stilson families lived, and from here they were



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