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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 17:28:46 EDT

"During the Revolutionary War, a Patriot officer, Capt. John Stokes,
suffered a total of twenty-four wounds. He started out parrying the blows of one
dragoon with a small sword, but then a second dragoon assailed Stokes and by one
stroke, cut off his right hand through the metacarpal bones, reported Dr.
Brownfield. Still trying to parry blows aimed at his head, Stokes next lost a
forefinger of his left hand and his left arm was hacked in eight to ten places from
the wrist to the shoulder. He finally went down with his head laid open
almost the whole length of the crown to the eye brows. He then was subjected to
several cuts on the face and shoulders. Incredibly, the worst was yet to come.
When a dragoon asked if he expected mercy, the still conscious American said, "I
have not, nor do I mean to ask for quarters. Finish me as soon as possible"
The dragoon complied all to readily, twice plunging his bayonet into the
American's body. But still he lived. Another dragoon asked the same question,
related Dr. Brownfield, " and received the same answer, and he also thrust his
bayonet twice through his body."
Despite this ordeal at the Waxhaws, this remarkable man lived, to serve his
new country after the Revolution as a federal judge in North Carolina. His
namesake, Stokes County, South Carolina."

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