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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 08:40:21 EST

Nov 11,1813

Morrisburg Ontario -
( British
Col. Joseph Morrison and Royal Navy Captain William Mulcaster defeat an
American invasion force of over 7,000 led by General James Wilkinson at the Battle
of Crysler's Farm. Wilkinson's flotilla left Sackett's Harbor in late October
and landed on the Canadian side of the Long Sault rapids. With only 800
British regulars of the 49th and 89th Regiments, plus some Canadian militia and
Indians, Morrison moves to attack 1,800 Americans of the 25th Infantry Regiment
under Brown at Crysler's Farm 30 km west of Cornwall; at the same time,
Captain William Mulcaster's gunboats fire shrapnel and grapeshot on General John
Park Boyd's flotilla of 4,000 American troops trying to descend the rapids
toward Montreal, which helps Morrison land his troops at Crysler's Farm. In the
first skirmish, the Americans take 400 casualties to the British 200.
Wilkinson could have pressed on against Morrison, but when he gets a message that
General Wade Hampton and his army of 4,200 were defeated at Ch√Ęteauguay Oct.
26, he calls off the invasion, since Hampton was supposed to meet him
downstream for the attack on Montreal. Hampton later resigned when Wilkinson blamed
him for the failure of the campaign; Wilkinson was then relieved of his

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