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Subject: Today In History Dec 9
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 09:10:31 EST

Dec 9, 1843
Lennoxville Quebec - George Mountain 1789-1863 founds Bishop's University at
Lennoxville, as a liberal arts college; Anglican Bishop of Montreal.
Dec 9, 1757
Quebec Quebec - Famine in New France due to a poor harvest causes the
inhabitants to butcher their horses.

Dec 9, 1755
Halifax, Nova Scotia - First post office in Canada opens, along with
subsidized direct mail communication with Great Britain by ship; origin of Cunard
Dec 9, 1657 Trois-Rivières, Quebec - The Jesuit Relations reports that on
this day in Three Rivers, 'M. de la Poterie opened an establishment where
wine was sold to the Natives: two pots for a winter beaver and one pot for a
summer beaver. And since the troubles were not resolved by these means, people
complained about the existence of the establishment, to the extent that M. de
La Poterie was forced to send to Quebec for the will of the Governor
regarding said establishment. The Governor concluded that it should not remain
opened, but he did not force him to close it down'.

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