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Subject: Interesting
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 20:30:20 EST

(javascript:void(0)) Wild Elephants Raid Tapioca Truck

Dec 13, 2004
BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) How much tapioca can a herd of wild elephants eat? As
much as they want to.

A tapioca delivery truck had blown a tire Sunday night, and the driver,
Somkuan Sirisat, went for help. But when he returned, he found five or six
elephants at his truck, devouring its contents, according to local television
station ITV.

"When I came back, I saw them all surrounding my truck," he said. "I was too
afraid to go toward the truck."

The elephants were caught on tape milling around the truck, one of them
using its trunks to shake off a tarp it had removed from the vehicle.

Police said the incident happened in the Ta Takiab district of Chachoengsao
province, 20 miles east of Bangkok.

Footage also showed signs in the area that warn drivers to be careful of
wild elephants and not to feed them. Another sign read, "Beware of foraging wild
elephants at night."

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