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Subject: Re: [Q-R] I almost got stoned first thing in the morning and the missing 30 minutes
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I love to read of your treks as you make them into such an interesting
story. But I didn't realize that Harry Yucknut was a French name. Learn
something new every day. Thanks again for the good read.. Fran
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missing 30 minutes

> Finally, after putting this trip off due to rain, I'm heading North. I
> arose
> at 5:30am and at 8:20am, I'm standing in Morristown, New York on the St.
> Lawrence River looking over at Brockville, Ontario less than a mile away.
> Using
> the binoculars I can see plainly the bench, a couple feet from the water
> that
> Sue and I sit on, which is on Block Island. Even though today, its a
> peninsula. Years ago they put lots of fill in there to make the boat
> parking lot :)
> and made the Island safe. Bet most people don't know the Island was once
> a
> cemetery for the plague victims and now, its boat tours, and picnics a
> walking
> and parking area. The plague victims got moved inland, apparently they had
> been in the ground long enough.........well, lets hope so.
> But, I'm standing on the other side of the St. Lawrence and at 8:30am I
> started walking the Morristown Cemetery. Saw the Corrice relatives first
> and
> continued on.
> The first unusual name was Simon P. Plumsteel Corp. , Company A, Heavy
> Artillery, War of 1812.
> This is a small Dead Park and not much to report other than, I almost got
> stoned here real good. There was one headstone facing a sharp drop of
> about 4-5
> feet. It was the old white rectangular stone, couple inches thick. I
> wanted
> to see the front, so I just placed my hand on the top as I slipped in
> front on
> the little bank and the stone came right over slowly and we both ended up
> at
> the bottom. Fortunately, it wasn't on top of me. I was able to push it
> back
> up the grade, slip the base into its hole and right it. I have the
> feeling
> Mr. Canfield, didn't like me????????? I got the hint, I left. But, a bit
> further up the hill was Pine Hill Cemetery, this one was nice and level
> :) .
> And the first odd name was George T. Hesselgrave 1860-1929.
> The first celebrity name....Robert Burns MD. who died Jan 4, 1863 in his
> 63rd year. No, I didn't see any cigars.................
> You like pringles potato chips? Ann Pringle was next, died March 10,
> 1861
> age 70 and below......
> "Through tribulations great she came
> She bore the cross despised the shame
>>From all her labours now she rest
> In Gods eternal glory blest"
> Now heres a trivia question, there was a movie staring Bing Crosby and he
> played a priest, in the movie was a tight wad, in his own building
> alongside
> the school yard, Mr.__________? I'll tell 'ya later...........
> And for you TV fiction people, Moller is buried here also. X
> Files.............. :)
> Both the Morristown cemeteries seemed to be well cared for and I saw many
> repairs had been made to various stones
> Between the two cemeteries I walked 1.6 miles.
> Now down the road to the 'Burg. Ogdensburg, N.Y. that is, across the St.
> Lawrence from Prescott, Ontario with its Fort and guns still facing the
> 'Burg.
> Very close to the intersection of New York Avenue and Route 37 lies Notre
> Dame
> Cemetery. By now its hot...........about 40 degrees to hot for me. I was
> told it hit 83F/17C. First project digging, weeding and then plant a whole
> tray
> of flowers. And by the time I was done with that project I had my sweat
> band
> on for the rest of the day. Primarily in here the ancestors/relatives are
> Fleming, Fiske, Robetoy/Robitaille, Fobare/Faubert, Corrice/Carisse and
> Tyo/
> Taillon.
> Now a little further towards the road I'm just looking at the grandparents
> grave stone, everything seemed normal, till I back up and hit something.
> But
> there has never been anything there to hit. Turning around is this
> enormous
> marble wall ????? Inside joke, but, Notre Dame Cemetery now has a wailing
> wall, a big monstrosity chunk of marble for my Uncle Warren and deceased
> Aunt
> Helen, figures. It will be nice to stand behind if in there during the
> winter to
> block the cold wind....................LOL
> As for Notre Dame Cemetery I was asked to watch for certain names, sorry,
> didn't find those names here. But, I found some names for people that
> didn't
> ask. Isn't that always the way..........
> Now, I don't suppose anyone up in Montreal would be interested
> in..........................
> Napoleon Tovette(Thauvette) and wife Philias Cadieux, Philias died May 22,
> 1854, couldn't read Napoleons, but I got photos. :)
> There are a couple stones in here that are all in French. And its
> predominetly French burials.
> Me thinks this name might be of interest in Montreal
> also............Matilda
> C. Parker wife of Wilfrid Leclaire, and her vital dates, born, June 23,
> 1873
> and died March 3, 1904. Hubby Wilfrid H. Leclaire was born March 15, 1868
> and died Oct 9, 1921 and a Eugene Leclaire buried alongside.
> You've heard of John Doe? Well, here is where he and many of his family
> are
> buried, maybe a dozen or so Doe family burials. There was lots of Gagnon
> and
> Perkins in here also. But walking through N.D. reminds me of the pages
> from
> Drouin and or Jette. Every French name you could think of.
> And here is a French name I've never heard of, Harry Yucknut
> 1895-1915............where'd he come from?? I didn't see any other
> Yucknut's.............did he have a wife? A Mrs. Yucknut? and any little
> nuts????????
> There really wasn't anything remarkable to mention in N.D . Clean, well
> kept. I picked up 5 flags here and one small monument was righted. I
> walked 1.7
> miles here and left at 12:25pm. And did I mention it was damn hot?
> Next Ogdensburg City Cemetery, with lots of vandalism and neglect. So what
> else is new?
> The odd name that I came across first M.W. Spaulding 1819-1904 and his
> wife
> Venila(<thats a new one on me) Armsbury 1818-1902.........and below
> read..........
> "No mistake nor after thought with God"
> I know someone locally looking for Sawyer up in the North
> country............
> Peter Sawyer died July 17, 1851, near Montreal drowned, aged 22.
> Louise Sawyer died March 27, 1893 and husband Francis Kiah born at Ste
> Anne
> de Machille, Canada born Aug 22, 1804 and died April 25, 1875.
> Mary Sawyer died Oct 1, 1902
> Lewis Sawyer Died Nov 26, 1867 aged 81
> And now, for a real celebrity and not just a famous name re-used. Frances
> Seymour Fonda daughter of Eugene Ford and Sophie M. Seymour who was born
> April
> 4, 1908 and died April 14, 1950. I was given this tip my Mary, former
> resident
> of the 'Burg, on this list, thanks.
> The part here that's important is Fonda. This lady was Henry Fonda's wife.
> Yes, the famous actor. She was the mother of Peter and Jane Fonda. And by
> the
> information on the very large stone, she is of the Seymour family from the
> 'Burg with lots of generations mentioned on the family stone. Peter and
> Jane
> appear there once a year in a limousine and place flowers, apparently,
> they
> haven't been there yet this year.
> The next stone that was interesting, I placed a penny on
> it............for.......Charles Dollar born Dec. 1824 and died June 1877
> :)
> Oh, there was a real doe(deer) standing right on the edge of this cemetery
> while I was there.
> I like this next name.........Merton Crobar 1881-1928, I did see a few
> other
> Crobar's here and there. I was hoping to see the last name of Monkey
> Wrench
> next, but never happened..............
> This next lady smelled just wonderful...........she was right by a lilac
> tree in full bloom. Pamelia H. Green died Sept 14, 1874 aged 53 years, 4
> months
> and 12 days. and below read.......
> "The desire of my eye is you
> The peace I loved is stilled
> A place is vacant in my heart
> That never can be filled"
> So close to the water, another drowning.................
> In memory of Walter Mott son of Reuben and Louisa Mott who was drowned Aug
> 22, 1871 aged 18 years and 2 months.
> And a Spanish American War Vet. William Henry Anderson 1865-1951
> I guess this next guy believed in the spirit world...............
> William Lewis Greeley died March 8, 1918 and born Jan 27, 1869 and
> below.........
> "Departed to the spirit world? or, was he thinking of booze, the liquid
> spirit??????? :)
> Next Bishop Perkins born at Becket, Mass. Sept 5, 1787, died at
> Ogdensburgh
> Nov 20, 1866 and below........
> "For forty years the Leader and Exemplar of the St. Lawrence County Bar,
> in
> Logic, Research, Integrity and all that elevates or adorns the profession.
> He
> lived guile(<is that like gout????.......LOL) and died without reproach.
> And next a stone carvers error, or, maybe on purpose?
> Lydia wife of James Averall , Porn(<should be Born) July 7, 1793 and died
> Feb 27, 1835.
> Thinking while I'm walking here, I think I came up with another name for
> a
> cemetery,how about Root Cellar, with our roots an all, think about
> it....................LOL And this one, is a big Root Cellar.
> Mary Knap is next, born July 28, 1815 and died Sept 21, 1897...........and
> below..........
> " Love and peace the taste forever and all truth and knowledge see in the
> Beatific vision of the Blessed Trinity"
> Civil War Vet. Newton Martin Curtis is next, Major General U.S. Volunteers
> by Brevet, born May 21, 1835 and died Jan 8, 1910.
> Next is a bit unusual and or a strange family? Seven fair sized stones
> in a
> row for the Newell family. I'm sure you've all seen the hand with a
> finger
> pointing upwards on many old stones, well, all seven of these are
> pointing
> down...............................
> Mrs. Butterworth, don't you just love that name and her syrup? Mrs.
> Angerona L. Butterworth died Aug 10, 1892.
> The next celebrity name.........DeWitt Clinton died Nov 10, 1902. I wonder
> if he was related to the real DeWitt?
> And finally found a Revolutionary Soldier. John Lyon died Feb 3, 1831 aged
> 80, born 1753.
> I'm soaked, did I mention it was hot..................?
> A limey...........William J. Hutcheson born in London, England, fought in
> the Civil War Company K, 102nd Regiment, New York Volunteers, died July
> 4,
> 1884 aged 64 years.
> And speaking of British and reflecting back on Notre Dame Cemetery, across
> the street from the present cemetery, is where the original cemetery was
> located. And I've always heard the rumour that there are 3-7 British
> soldiers
> still buried in there way to the back who were killed in the 'Burg from
> the War
> of 1812 time period.
> Now I'm approaching the Military section in this cemetery. Think I'll stop
> and pay my respects to Uncle Fred Corrice 1925-1990. Which one of all
> these
> stones? Row after row I walked. Going through 3/4's of them, there he is.
> If I
> only had remembered, look for the most junk/decorations, enough to hold
> his
> own parade. He's got more stuff, wirly gigs, and artificial flowers and
> coloured stones and flags and pots of flowers and balloons and little
> statues and
> signs, looks like a yard sale................almost cant see the darn
> stone.
> My face and neck feel burnt and the second you get under a bit of shade,
> mosquitos and black flies and no see 'ums. Well, for here I only picked
> up 1
> flag and walked 2.2 miles. Did I tell 'ya I'm over heated?
> Right next door almost is the Jewish Cemetery, I drove in and looked only
> from the car while I enjoyed the air conditioner. I cant read those stones
> anyway, its all in Hebrew. But, clean and very well kept.
> Now, separated by a small fence only, next door is St. Mary's, People
> Garden.
> Not much to mention in here, other then there was lots of vandalism and
> lots
> of neglect. But, right next door in the Jewish cemetery, everything looked
> perfect.......................hmmmmmmmm!
> Louise Leclair 1887-1971 was the first here I noted.
> And another odd name Elmer Wili 1918-1997
> I left St. Mary's at 4:15pm headed for Heuvelton. But roughly 5 minutes
> down
> the road and just a couple miles off my route is Eeel Weir, Pine Hill
> Cemetery. Smaller country cemetery. Neat and well kept and saw many stone
> repairs.
> Gee, I'm in the county, its supposed to be cooler, but its hotter and they
> have grown many many mosquitos here................... :(
> Heres a celebrity name James Taylor died Dec 9, 1856 aged 71, don't think
> he's the singer.
> Next Benjamin Wheater, born Feb 11, 1804 and died June 22, 1891........and
> below...........
> 'Weep not, but in hope await
> Till the end of life's short day
> We shall meet in a blissful state
> Where tears have passed away"
> And his wife...........Anna Wheater born Sept 15, 1843 and died Aug 21,
> 1883......and below......
> "Weep not-she has found the home
> That she prayed for here below
> While she looked for death to come
> And her spirit longed to go"
> Hiram B. Thurber died May 23, 1857 aged 59 years and 3 months......and
> below.......
> " Weep not dear wife and children dear
> Nor think me lost, but sleeping here
> I'm here at rest, relieved from pain
> Trust in God and we shall meet again"
> This next one is interesting...................
> Jacob Sharp settled Shay's Landing, Hudson River 1684 active in trading
> Jacob Sharp II born 1763 Pioneer Settler, settled at Ogdensburgh 1812
> and this last name is the guy buried in here and he looks real neat.
> There's
> a picture of him attached to the grave, white hair and long white beard
> and
> very old looking.
> Next James Murton died May 3, 1867 aged 61...........and
> below............
> "Twas hard to break sweet friendships
> To take the parting hand
> Although with friends he soon would be in Canaans happy land"(I think
> that's
> like the happy hunting ground..... :)
> And another odd name............Charles F. Bloodough 1869-1947
> That ended this one, I'm very hot, and sore and beat and I'll continue on
> to
> Heuvelton to see my one remaining aunt, my Mothers sister. Aunt
> Fanny..............really. I walked 4/10th of a mile in this last one.
> Gee, Aunt Fanny knew about the Fonda burial in the 'Burg. After we talked
> a
> while the clock said 6:30pm and time to head home. I got up from the table
> and
> my aunt and I headed to my car and by the time I had opened the car door
> and
> sat down and got going, its now 7:00pm. For some reason it always happens
> when you leave her house it takes half an hour to walk from the kitchen
> until
> 'ya get the car door closed. I think she has always had a time warp there
> somewhere.......................
> I got home at 9:20pm last night and had a good ride home. Saw many
> cemeteries along the way back
> time.
> Now for the trivia question." Bells of St Mary's" and the old guy next
> door,
> Mr. Bogardus, who's name I have only heard of in that movie, but, Notre
> Dame
> cemetery had Charles Bogardus 1861-1932 buried there and thought of the
> movie soon as I saw it.
> It was a 267 mile round trip. And I think its going to take until Monday
> to
> recuperate.............Hopefully in two weeks, Prescott, Maitland and
> Kingston
> better be cooler.................................
> Best
> Bill
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