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From: Sylvie Brucher <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Longue Point, Laval - hospital?
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 09:49:16 -0400
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Indeed it is located - still is- in the Longue-Pointe area of the Island
of Montreal.

The hospital is now called Hôpital Louis-Hyppolite Lafontaine.
They have a web site if you are interested:

It is in French though....


Dessaulles Beaudry wrote:

> Hi Kathleen,
> in answer to your inquiry:
> In 1901, to my knowledge, there existed not a single hospital on
> the Laval island.
> There is known place called Longue Pointe, on the northearstern
> part of the island of Montreal and may have been at a certain time a
> separate entity- read town within the island. A major army base was
> established in that area and known as the Longue Pointe army
> base,(established by the british army in the 1770 ies and again in
> 1812 to protect Montreal against posibble US invasion of the province
> via the Hudson-Lake Champlain-Richelieu water systems). The base was
> most active during the 1939-1945 war as training center. The
> St-Jean-de-Dieu hospital was and is within the same general area and
> the only hospital, at that time in the eastern part of the island of
> Montreal. That hospital was dedicated for people with mental
> disorders. It has a new vocation now of which I do not know, but the
> buildings are still there close to highway 25 south leading to the
> brigde-tunnel.I hope this will help you redirect your inquiry.
> Des.
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>> I think I have located a family member who was listed as an interne in
>> Longue
>> Point, Laval, Quebec in the 1901 census. I could not locate the
>> name of the
>> institution. Other people were described in the census as
>> pensionnaire,
>> privee, hospitaliere and garde. Quite a few nuns were listed so it
>> must
>> have been
>> a Catholic institution. Does anyone know what kind of institution
>> it was
>> and
>> also what the French words mean. Thank you so much for any help you
>> can
>> give
>> me.
>> Kathleen

Sylvie Brucher

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