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Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 19:16:49 EDT

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So ? Here we GO AGAIN !!! I have been on this list more year's than I
can now remember ! And to remember the ( MOTTO ) that the " majority
" of us adhere to and agree with > ( we are a family and a good
hearted community of genealogist ) . This e mail may get me
unsubscribed but I think, if people come here and expect things to
adhere to their rule, and then throw their obvious weight around EX :
( As I am a financial contributor to the Rootsweb organisation, my next
protest will be going there. ) HELLO ? Who are you ? And does any one
really care ? I bet there was plenty of gasps with that statement you
made DAVE ! If you are
unhappy , then move on . This ( Community ) will live ON with out YOU .
Do I have a life ? Yes
I do , a very busy one ! I chose to be on this list ! And I think a lot
of your complaints are due to
being over zealous in your personal assumptions of how things should be
run by people who have
worked hard here , for MANY YEARS. Oh Boy ! I guess I 'm very angry
this time , sorry but
this has made me furious !! ( REPAGE you have said > Another genealogy
list ruined because people are more interested in finding a 'pal' than
they are in genealogy ) EXCUSE ME ? Unknown to you ! Alot of us ARE
PAL'S > and good ones at that ! If you are referring to my post about
( how many day's till Xmas ) > then you have missed years of good
genealogy on this list. !!!!!!! Genealogy is not ALL about filing names
& dates ! There are personal stories to be told, little memories , a
recipe , things in our lives that counted. It is all part of our culture
, and it IS part of
the genealogy back round , that should not get lost in endless data .
need a vacation , enough said . DAVE > you made this statement > ( The
most prolific poster and I have been tracking him , has posted 116
messages in the last 4 days and many of them had nothing to do with
genealogy. ) > Did you mean to forget his name ? Let me refresh your
memory >>>>**** DA DAAAAAAAAAA ***** His Honor The Most Prolific
Poster is
( BEST BILL FLEMING ) ! And you can count on THAT ! As we all
have for many years. Dedication above ( call of duty ) . I like the
quick news brief's - I very much enjoy the
History back round - which I may say > is also part of genealogy !
Bill's Xmas Count Down ?
Gezz , it is all in a break - for a few minutes of fun and smiles .
Bill's Cemetery Postings - ?
Very important data - with a stroke of humor ! So, to every one on this
list - I send my apology
for this out break of Hostility . To those that are ( UNHAPPY - OVER
and READY TO DO MORE HARM ) > just UN SUB ! Save yourself more STRESS !

I am taking your advice. If anybody needs any help in the aux Illinois area
especially concerning the people of Poste Vincennes, contact me off list. Also
I will probably keep my subscription on the Quebec list.

Robert Evans Page
"... comes from a long line of dead men."
Lawrence Block

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