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From: "Gary Boivin" <>
Subject: Administrator's Note: Hiccups & Recipes
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 08:27:54 -0600

People have been posting questions about the reappearance of old
postings --- specifically the recipes.

No... Best Bill had nothing to do with it! <grin>

This is a result of Rootswebs system clearing out it's buffers.
It is part of their fail-safe system to ensure that no posting is
lost forever --- it isn't perfect but it's better than nothing.

Their system is designed so that, whenever you post a
message, a copy is sent to another Server as a backup
in case the original Server should crash.

Now... Since these Servers are never turned off... These
copies will stay in the buffers of the computers until they
can be cleared.

In our case... We have changed Servers --- ours crashed
and was rebuilt. So now, the 2nd computer that had these
postings in it's buffer couldn't verify that they had been
written to the hard-drive of the original Server so it erred
on the side of caution and re-inserted the old postings.

It's safety feature... And I'm glad it's there.

Anyway.... It brought back pleasant memories...

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