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Subject: June 21, 1788
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 20:18:55 EDT

In 1788 New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the U.S.
Constitution. This was the final ratification necessary to make
the Constitution the new basis for the U.S. government. After
the Constitutional Convention, five states ratified the document
almost immediately. However, many Americans were reluctant to
support the Constitution because it did not explicitly grant what
were considered to be basic rights, such as freedom of speech and
freedom of assembly. Also, the Constitution granted the federal
government control of the military, and many feared that the
states would lose the traditional right to maintain independent
state militias. Opponents in several states successfully blocked
ratification until a compromise was reached. Under the terms of
this compromise the Constitution would be ratified, but ten
amendments would be added to resolved these issues. These ten
amendments became known as the "Bill of Rights."

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