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Subject: Lambert's in Quebec possibly Montreal
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 22:17:00 -0400

I have been searching for the place of birth for my gggrandfather and gggrandmother, along with their parents and farther back. My gggrandfather is Ambrose Lambert, born in February 1846 in Canada (French). His wife was Emma Dorais, born possibly 02 June 1851, in St. Philomene, Provence Quebec, Canada. I know that Ambrose's parents were born in Canada. His father is Leandre Lambert, born about 1820, and Sophie Carpentier, born about 1826. This is all that I know about this family. My father told me that they came from Germany and France, then went to Canada, and then moved to the U.S. I would appreciate it if someone could help me find this information. On a message that I posted at a different site, someone replied to it with the records she has on Ambrose and Emma's marriage. Here is what it said:

Hello Jennifer
I have in my records ; St Joseph Church, St Joseph, Kansas, Ambroise
Lambert, Montreal, son of Leandre Lambert marrying Emma Dorais of
Montreal, on 17 August, 1879. Parent of bride was Francois Dorais.
Witnesses were X. Dorais, and J. Dorais. The couple were married by
Reverend Louis Mollier

This is what leads me to believe that they were from Quebec. If somebody is willing to help, please contact me at . Thank you.

Jenny Wallis

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