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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Vallee/Chevalier 1779 Note Dame Quebec
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 22:24:35 EST

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Francois VALLEE
Birth: About 1760 Of, , , Quebec
Christening: About 03 OCT 1760 Beauport, Quebec, Quebec
Marriage: 21 JAN 1779 Notre Dame,De, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec

Birth: About 1765 , , Quebec

According to PRDH, Francois VALLEE, son of Michel and of Marie-Josephe
Menard-Lafontaine, and Marie-Anne CHEVALIER, whose parents are not named, were
married at Quebec City on 11 Jan 1779. Marie-Anne is listed on the Vital
Records page of PRDH as "dit CHEVALIER" which suggests that she was a child of
unknown parents (illegitimate) brought up by a family named Chevalier.

According to PRDH, Francois VALLEE and Marie-Anne CHEVALIER were the parents
of three children born before 1800:

Marie-Anne, baptised 22 Jan 1780 at Quebec; died there 2 Jan 1783.
Marie-Marguerite, baptised at Carleton, Bonaventure.
Barthelemy, baptised 12 Aug 1795 at Carleton, Bonaventure.

There is no record in PRDH of Pierre, Joseph-Alexis, Germain, Francois, or
Jean born to this couple.

One thing to remember about WorldConnect and IGI records: Gemstones in,
gemstones out.

Fr. Owen Taggart

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