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From: "Martin Briscoe" <>
Subject: RE: [Q-R] Grave Sharing
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 10:24:58 +0100
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-It will be a pity if the widespread re-use of old graves, there is a
definite thrill to searching a burial ground and finding the grave of an
ancestor. I just hope that they find a way of preserving the headstones,
all too often these have been destroyed for no good reason.

In the UK we already have widespread vandalism by the authorities deciding
that headstones are unsafe and laying them flat, often after they have been
standing safely for long periods. Sometimes they drive a stake behind the
headstone to support it but there was one case reported of someone visiting
a parent's grave, to lay flowers as they did regularly, and finding a stake
driven in front of the headstone which obviously caused a lot of distress.

Martin Briscoe
Fort William
M&LFHS | Gwynedd FHS

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Boning up on burial: England
Is grave-sharing the healthy answer to overcrowded cemeteries?

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