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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Question about C么te-des-Neiges, Montr茅al
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 06:04:28 EDT

HI Carol Ann
Thanks you for giving us all this great information. This is great advice
for all of us. You don't need to take box's of stuff with you but do be
prepared. A few years ago I traveled @ 700 miles to St Michel de Saints, Quebec. I
was lucky because the cousin that wrote me was home without me letting him
know that I was coming. But he was busy so we did not get to spend the time
together that I would like to have spent.
Jan Gouin

Hi Bonny and Listers--

A few years ago while attending a conference at McGill University we went to
visit the Cote-des-Neiges cemetery. It was quite an experience for us, so
it does pay to do your homework prior to leaving for your trip.

We went in very early June and it was on a Monday I believe, so perhaps
Mondays are not very good in general. In any event, the people in the office
were simply overwhelmed because they were having assemly-line style burials one
right after another since many had been postponed due to the winter freeze.
Therefore, they were really backed-up.

There wasn't anyone who could help us in the office or give us a tour as I
was particularly interested in locating the Veteran's section of the cemetery.
We also had come by taxi so we did not have a vehicle to tour us around and
believe me, you need one!

It just so happens that one lady in the office took pity on us since we had
come all the way from California and there we were left to fend for
ourselves. She offered to take us on a tour during her lunch hour which she was
willing to give up. As it worked out she could not even take a lunch hour so she
handed us the keys to her van--not even knowing anything about us. Now,
that is trust! We took her up on her generous offer and we found the veterans
secction of the cemetery as well as another gravesite that I was pursuing.
Needless to say that lady got a thank you note and a packet of sachet in it as
an expression of my thanks for taking up her time and her vehicle! It's
always a good idea to NOT burn bridges, even if the folks you meet along the
genealogy path are not always overly friendly! Church secretaries, town clerks,
funeral directors and librarians all fall into this category and I'm sure you
have met them too. By being extra thankful to this lady I hope that I was
able to clear a path for the next person behind me--at least I surely hope so.

There is a computer at the main entrance of the office which you can use to
look up an ancestor's gravesite, but it is far better to look it up on the
web prior to going as there really isn't any difference except that you will be
way ahead of the game if you do. Hopefully, you will go perhaps mid-week as
I don't think Mondays are good days to go anywhere--either they are closed
or overwhelmed by weekend back-up work. You will also get more attention by
the staff if you do and perhaps get a real tour. We had to do it on our own,
but with the maps and directions you can do fairly well. I would have
liked to learn more about the history tho, but it was not to be. However, I did
accomplish what I came for and that was to find my great-uncle's gravesite in
the veterans section of the cemetery and to find another gravesite which I
have been researching, so all was not lost and my mission accomplished.

p.s. you can buy flowers there to place on the gravesite but unfortunately
they were artificial.

Happy landings!
Carol Ann

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