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Before opening an analytical lab I spent a 10 years as a research Scientist for a local firm. Of the ten years greater then 60 % of my time was spent on analyzing data. There is an old story. Figure do not lie but people can figure. What happens is a lot of people select the information that makes them or their project look good. They need outside support without the outside support they have no job. Often it just means a better look, more data, better interpretation. I have seen a lot of good data wasted and a lot of bad data made to look like cream, All that was needed was the proper interpretation. That was my job. Sorry. I am now quite. I am going back to bed. Grant
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Hi Grant,

I agree with you that one needs to get all the data, and not select a part only, or this will give a slanted view of the whole question.

I've done some research about the weather some time ago, and did come across interesting papers to read. I'm about to leave for Toronto, but when I return, I can send you some links (and to anyone interested too) that are on my computer at home. If you have time to read, a good start :

Having been in research (biochemistry and ecotoxicology), I know it would be foolish to think we have all the data to explain everything. Research takes time and resources. And when someone discovers something, there is likely someone somewhere who will find the exact opposite results... The findings is all relative to where you look, and how you look - everything is based upon the setup to take the measurements, and consider all the related variables. Frustrating? Yeah! Especially in today's world where we want an answer (better be the good one!) right away! ;-)

Let me know what you think of the readings as I haven't had a chance to read everything. It may explain why in my mother's time, snow storms would last a week, and they'd have to dig tunnels to the barn to feed the animals - and this was in Bellechasse, Quebec! Not Alaska!


E wrote:

I am not disputing global warming. I do question some of what I am seeing as
data. Much of it appears to be selective. I have asked a number of
people.... has such warming happened before. e.g., does it have a
periodicity? I receive vague answers. This to me ... they do not know.
.They are not sure... If you decide to reference me a site with the answers
please no screened data. If you select enough brown chickens all chickens
are brown,
Back in 1940s there was an interesting book written that had a new
theory.. if the earth became warm enough. the Antarctic shelf would melt.
( Look at a map) . This sudden melting would throw the ice cap out of
balance..., A spinning earth, the continents resting on molten iron would
shift like a loose skin on an orange. Now there is a scenario... We now
know about continental drift.. Were the polar areas always cold and ice
covered? Interesting subject. I will go to Google. Grant
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Well, according to the news, the reason we have reversed temps in Canada
and the US is because of El Nino. I'm not so sure about the rest of the
world, but I'd venture that it may be the results of global warming...


Madeleine English wrote:

Hello from "sunny" Sacramento, California -- We are "Finally" warming
up after having about a week of temps in the teens here in Sacto - minus
temps in the Sierra's near Lake Tahoe, about 2 degrees farenheit near
Yosemite Valley. Yesterday, Snow on the beaches in Malibu!

Just sent a message to someone else that it was the same as
last summer's heat wave -- in reverse. Understand England is
having an unusually cold spell and starting across Europe as
well. What's with these weather extremes?

Sacto, Calif

On 1/17/07, janicemclennan <> wrote:

Good evening:
Well I am certainly glad to see that the rest of the North American
continent is having the strangest weather and not just us here in
I live in Northern Ontario. Usually at this time we have more than 1-2
ft of snow and extremely cold weather, the lakes frozen over and the
are out ice fishing in their warm little ice huts. Until Jan. 15 this
we had no snow, not a speck on the ground. The weather was quite warm
we just didn't know what to expect next. Well, today is Jan 17, and we
still only have about 3 inches of snow and the lakes have finally
started to
freeze over thanks to the very cold nights in the last couple of days.
hubby is patiently waiting for more than 3 inches of ice to go fishing.
Janice in cold northern ontario
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