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From: J D v Dods <>
Subject: [Q-R] Lost Cousins matching site
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:59:57 -0800 (PST)
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Hi everyone,
this site has recently added the 1881 Canadian Census
to it's matching programme & I have just loaded by
Scots Canadian Great-grandmother and her parent's,
siblings & cousins to my profile.
It is run by a British company which currently user
loaded data to link up people who share
ancestors and other relatives in the 1881 Scottish,
English, Welsh and Canadian census. (later in they
will add other census).
The site has been running for two years now.
You enter your people as transcribed by the LDS you
can also put corrected information in, as well as
married women's maiden names.
Then you can check for matches, if you get a match you
can email the other person through the site and once
contact is made you can exchange real email addresses
if you like & start sharing info with your new found
Registration and basic membership is free. There is
also, full membeship which allows you to search by
maiden name to find that lost great-great aunt, who
vanished or check for corrected entries for the person
who have been mistranscribed or mis-enumerated, you
have to pay for this. But now and then they run free
weekends in which you can do the extra searches for
They are currently running a promo in which if current
members get a few referals sign up they get bonus
months added to their sub.
If you want a referal I will email me with lost
cousins in subject line & I'll send you one.
You can check out the site yourself at for alook and sign up direct if
you prefer.
John Dods
Wellington, NZ

My appologees for the duplicate post, I also posted
this to the Montreal list to which I also belong.

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