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From: "Madeleine English" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Young Child Raped C/S young teenager?
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 15:33:34 -0700
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I have to admit, when I made the statement "I'm wondering what situation
would have driven
a young teenager to theft", afraid I was judging by today's standards.

In my line as well, there were numerous "young" brides of 13, 14, etc. One
was 13
when she married. Five months later , age 14, she drowned. Another
short live. I have come across 12-year old brides (not in my family) also.

I had to go to work at 12 every summer if I wanted clothes for school in the
fall. Also had
to work part-time throughout the year to help with family needs (like food,
for one, ha ha).
My eldest sister went to work at 12 as a live-in sitter - and moved 300
miles away to watch
3 "spoiled rotten" unruly boys. I've often wondered why my mother let her
go so far. That
was in 1950.

So yes, I didn't think the statement through. I stand corrected. Still and
all though, really
tragic. You have to wonder if she was stealing in order to survive, was a
kleptomaniac, or
simply just jaded.

Sacramento, California

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