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From: "Elaine O'Neill" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] New Family Tree 2008 program?
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 20:58:40 -0500
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No, it won't import FTM files. It will import other Legacy files, PAF
files, Ancestral Quest files, or GEDCOMs. It will export as a Legacy
file, Clooz file (which I assume is another genealogy program), or

I've switched to Legacy for a few reasons, one of which is that they
don't charge you for every single update. I'm under the impression
that I will have to pay if I want to upgrade when they come out with
an entirely new installation. I started out with FTM, and just grew
weary of their constant upgrades which cost at the very least $20 if
you can just buy the upgrade, or about $40 if you're buying a whole
new program. FTM has some advantages, that being some of the reports
you can generate. But on the whole, I'm very happy with Legacy. I do
keep both programs on my computer, but Legacy is my program of choice.
I only import to FTM when I need a specific report that Legacy might
not be able to create.

Elaine in the Beautiful Missouri Ozarks

On 7/18/07, Lisa Lepore <> wrote:
> Yes, this is an annoyance. I always understood that the gedcom
> was accepted as the *language* of genealogy software. Then I started reading
> here and there that FTM's gedcoms were not always compatible with other
> programs.
> One way around this might be to download a free version
> of a program like then try to import the FTM file into it.
> If that works, export the file out again. I don't have the legacy program
> on my computer now, but I believe it will import FTM files as well as
> gedcoms.
> Of course this should not be necessary, but it's one way to get the
> job done.
> Lisa

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