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Hi Patty,

Thank you very much. I thought it odd that she would be mentioned as being of the US when she was born, married twice and died in Ste. Melanie. I also find it odd that she wasn't even mentioned as being present at her husband's funeral... Was this common? Women not attending burials? But maybe, in her defense, she was in the US at the time of his death.

I know that Jerome Robillard and Sophie Riberdy had children that moved to Lowell and in the 1910 census of Lowell, MA I see that their son Joseph Arthur is documented as, what looks likes to me, emigrating into the US in 1884 (could be a 94, which I originally thought it was), But now 1884 makes sense to me. Maybe when Jos. Arthur left Quebec his mother, Sophie, went with him for a lil vacation, I know there were some Riberdy's that emigrated from Quebec to Lowell as well, maybe she was visiting them : ) I also looked through some of the border crossings hoping to find something that has her coming into the US at the time of her husband's death, but the years I found available do not go back as far as 1884.

Jerome and Sophie's son Jos. Arthur and his wife, Philomene Foucher, traveled back and forth from Canada to the US several times as he had 3 children born in Canada after his emigration to the US and naturalization in 1895. One of the births being that of my grandfather, Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard b. 16 Dec 1897 at Ste. Melanie as well as two more daughters, Fabiola in abt. 1899 and Anita B abt. 1908. However, I have yet to find the birth records for these 2 daughters... Oh well, Thanks for all your help. I'll keep looking for more information and hopefully one of these days I'll find it.

Good luck in your own research!


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Hi, Michelle -

Yes, the entry does state that Sophie was of Lowell, USA. I have found in my family that they frequently had moved back and forth between Canada and U.S. and also came back to Canada to marry and be buried a lot. I also find them mentioned as being present at a sibling's marriage or one of their niece's/nephew's baptisms as a godparent some times.


Michelle Robillard <> wrote:
1884, Ste-Melanie, pg. 15, S29, Jerome Robillard.

I don't understand, does it state that Sophie Riberdy was in Lowell, USA?

Thank you

Michelle Robillard

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