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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Mercier & Couture genealogy re: Emile Mercier in census
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HI Doreen.
Emile Mercier son of Nazaire Mercier and Georgianna Couture who married at St Bernards, Dorchester, Quebec in  April 24, 1876.
She was the daughter of Pierre Couture and Marie Labrecque.
I have copied some information for your interest.
I just don't see anything to connect Georges Valcourt and his wife Philomene Michaud.
Isn't it interesting that my grandfather left quebec at 18 nd went in search of his brothers and sisters in the US.  Most were in VT. and I went to school in Hardwick, VT with Joanne Michaud and just recently I had a Dennis Michaud do a job for me on my stepfather's estate  and he lives in Hardwick, VT where my grandfather settled when he came from Quebec.  I have to wonder what the connection is.
Georgiana Couture had two brothers who married:
Georges married to Belzémire Guay, 24 july 1883 at St-Isidore county of Dorchester QC
Camille married to Marie From the rep de Lotbiniere page 186 I have for Nazaire's 1st wife mar. 14
Aug 1871 St-Flavien, Lotbinière, Québec
Victorine Bedard d/o Edouard & Sophie Demers.
Pierre Couture's wife was indeed Marie Labrecque
According to BMS2000, Nazaire Mercier did not have any children who married from his first marriage to Victorine Bedard.
Anne Létourneau, 28 july 1890 at St-Evariste- Forsyght county of Frontenac QC
She had four sisters who married:
Desilda married to Francois Morin, 20 april 1869 at St-Bernard county Dorchester, QC
Virginie married to Louis Gobeil, 20 august 1867 at St-Bernard county Dorchester, QC
Marie married to Louis Euzebe Genest, 06 feb 1877 at St-Bernard county Dorchester, QC
Marie Philomene married to Michel Pouliot, 06 november 1883 at St-Evariste- Forsyght county of Frontenac QC
Camille and Marie Philomène were the only two who married in Frontenac county which is the closest to the Magog area.
>From Talbot:

Pierre COUTURE (Joseph & Francoise Asselin)
married July 19, 1842  at S. Marie Beauce
Marie LABRECQUE (Joseph & Archange Nadeau)

1. Desilda m 4/20/1869  Francois Morin          S. Bernard, Dorchester
2. Virginie m 4/24/1869  Louis Gobeil              S. Bernard,     
3. Georgiana m 4/24/1876 Nazaire Mercier     S. Bernard
4. Marie m 2/6/1877   Louis Eusebe Genest     S. Bernard
5. Georges m 7/24/1883 Belzémire Guay          S. Isidore
6. Marie-Philomene m 11/6/1883  Michel Pouliot  S. Evariste Forsyth,  Frontenac
7. Camille m 7/28/1890 Marie Anne Letourneau   S. Evariste
Joseph Couture, married to Francoise Asselin on Aug  29, 1809 at S. Michel,   is the son of Joseph Couture and Suzanne Guay who were married Aug 19, 1771, S. Michel.  This Joseph is the son of Charles Couture and M. Catherine Poliquin, who were married Aug 2, 1740, Lauzon.  Charles is son of Guillaume Couture and M. Anne Adam, married Oct 23, 1713, S. Laurent.  Guillaume son of Guillaume Couture and Anne Aymard, married Nov 16, 1649, Quebec.  Guillaume son of Guillaume COUTURE       Malet of St. Godard, Rouen.  Anne Aymard daughter of Jean Aymard and Marie Bineau, St. Andre, Poitou.

Joseph Labrecque, son of Pierre Labrecque and Marie Naud who were married Feb 21, 1786, S. Charles, married Archange Nadeau Nov 5, 1821, S. Gervais.  Pierre son of Laurent Labrecque & Marguerite Dumas who were married Feb 6, 1741, S. Laurent.  Laurent son of Jacques Labrecque and Marguerite Paquet, married Nov 14, 1693, S. Laurent. Jacques son of Jean Labrecque and Jeanne Baillargeon, married Nov 28, 1664, Chaeau Richer.  Jean, born 30 Aug 1634 son of Jacques Labrecque and Jeanne Baron, St. Jacques, Dieppe.
LABRECQUE, Joseph, married 05 Nov 1821 at St. Gervais, Bellechasse County,
Quebec, Canada son of Pierre Labrecque and Marie Labrie (m. 21 Feb1786 at St. Charles,
Bellechasse Co.)

 Archange, NADEAU, daughter of Charles Nadeau and Marie Lacasse (m. 12 Nov
 1791 at St. Gervais) Married
Children of OUTURE Joseph & Françoise ASSELIN married where 29 Aug 1809 at St Michel, Bellechasse, QC?
Children of? Joseph Couture and Suzanne Guay (m.19 Aug 1771 at St. Michel)
Pierre Asselin and M. Louise Roy (m. 25 Nov 1782 at St. Michel)

Information taken from various volumes of "Genealogie des familles
originaires des comtes de ontmagny-L'Islet-Bellechasse" by Eloi-Gerard Talbot, B.A., B.P., mariste

I am the granddaughter of Emile MERCIER and daughter of Dolores MERCIER
While doing an inquiry on my great grandfather, Nazaire Mercier from when he owned a farm in Dana, Massachusetts that was taken for the Quabbin Reservoir I connected with a person who does have information and she has e-mailed me the letter you sent asking about Nazaire.
I am wondering if you are also related to Nazaire?  Are you a part of the Mercier genealogy association, AMAN?
My grandfather was next to the youngest child of Nazaire MERCIER and Georgianna COUTURE Mercier.  They were married at St. Bernards, Dorchester, Quebec in 1876 and then came to Rochester, NH from what I can discern.  Although my third cousin removed, Susan Wascaser (E-Mail address ) has told me her grandfather, Anselme Mercier the first son of Nazaire and Georgianna was born in Saginaw, Michigan.  I have not found them in Michigan yet.  I do have Samuel Mercier (age 20) marrying Kilda GRENIER in Rochester, NH October 25, 1887 which would make him 20 years old and therefore could not have been the child of their marriage and yet Anselme names Nazaire MERCIER of North Dana, Massachusetts as his father.  Since Nazaire was married before he married Georgianna I am wondering if Aseleme was the son of the first marriage, to Victoria BEDARD at St. Flavin, Jan. 14, 1871 I have taken the marriage date from the NH Vital Records for births and
dates of Nazaire and Georgianna’s children.  I am wondering if there are Canadian Church records of the children’s baptisms and who the Godparents might have been.  Those records may provide some clues.
Here is what I got from the records at the American Canadian Genealogical Association in Manchester, NH
Nazaire father: Henri MERCIER
Henri MERCIER married Celina MARCEAU, Jan. 10, 1854, at St. Isidore
Second marriage of Henri married M.   Marcelline DEMERS, Sept. 8, 1879, at St. Bernard
Julie MERCIER married Louis LAMBERT, Nov. 9, 1856, at St. Agathe
Charles MERCIER married Hermine NOEL, November 9, 1858, at St. Agathe
Second marriage Charles married Philomene St.-HILIARE, July 31, 1883, at St. Agathe
Obeline MERCIER married Francois LAMBERT, January 22, 1861, at St. Agathe
Anselme MERCIER married Rose BOLDUC, Feb. 25, 1862 at St. Agathe
Simeon MERCIER married Marie ROULEAU, Feb. 8, 1864 at St. Isidore
Napoleon MERCIER married Celina DUPONT, July 26,1865 at N.D. Levis
Zephirin MERCIER married Delphine St.-HILIARE, Jan. 14, 1871
Nazaire MERCIER married Victoria BEDARD, Jan. 14, 1871, at St. Flavin
Second marriage Nazaire married Georgianna COUTURE, April 24, 1876, at St. Bernard
Third marriage Eau Clair, Wisconsin to Mary Gouthier (unknown date or church)
Theodore MERCIER married Virginie ENOUH, November 18, 1873, at St. Agathe
Through New Hampshire and Vermont records I do know that Napoleon and Zephirin show up in New Hampshire and Vermont records.
My grandfather’s brother, George Mercier who lived in Haverhill, Massachusetts had three children, Edna, Edmond and G. Sylvia.  I have talked with G. Sylvia and found that when Georgianna died July 24, 1894, four days after giving birth to Marie that he gave his children to friends and relatives to raise.  I know from my grandfather that he was raised in Quebec somewhere and that he was about 1 year old when his mother died.  I never have found out who raised him or where.  Sylvia also says that her father took them to visit relatives named BOLDUC, in Cohoes, NY and that her father lived with her mother’s sister who married Michal POULIET in Auburn, Maine. 

Date: Tuesday Sept. 1, 2009

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If you look at the 1901 Canada Census it will give you approximate birth info for Georges Valcourt.  Also the 1881 Canada Census shows Georges & Philomene living with his parents (Benoit & Rose) at Ste-Rose-du-Degele, Temiscouata, Quebec.
The 1891 Canada Census shows Georges & Philomene living with their 3 children (Georges, Philomene & Marie) in the same location and a family of Alfred & Eleanore Michaud are living adjacent to them.
Do you have the name of Emile Mercier's parents?

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 15:16:55 -0700
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Emile Mercier in census

Thanks for the information.  I was always told that my gret grandfather brought his one year old son to relatives in Quebec to raise.  Now i need to find a connection to Georges Valcourt or Philomene Michaud.
Thanks again for the help.

The 1901 Canada Census - shows several persons with that name, however only one shows a birthdate of March 7, 1893 and he is listed as a "lodger" living with Georges Valcourt and his wife Philomene Michaud at the subdistrict of Cabano, Packington & Unorganized Territory in the District of Temiscouata, Quebec.  Please see this Census as there are Valcourt families living adjacent to one another including an elderly grandmother named Rose Plourde. 

I did not find Emile Mercier in the 1911 Canada Census.




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> Subject: [Q-R] Emile Mercier in census
> Could someone look in the Quebec census and see if they can find my grandfather, born March 7, 1893 in Rochester, NH.
> He was taken to Canada to be raised at 1 year of age when his mother died.
> I would also like to know what Catholic Churches were in the vacinity of where he was found.
> Thanks for any hyelp.
> Harriet Cady
> Deerfield, NH USA
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