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From: Merri Vinton <>
Subject: [Q-R] Les Cedres death/burial records???
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 15:42:25 -0500

Hello List,
My ancestor, William McPherson, died probably in late 1821 or early 1822 location unknown. His widow's inventory/debts filed with Notary Sarault in his office dated 9 Feb 1822, reveals that she owed the county for burial expenses and that his clothes were remade for the children. This tells me that he did, indeed, die in the area of St Timothee. His last child (1820) was baptized at Les Cedres.

It is also known that he owned farmland in Annsfield. So far, we can find no record of death or burial in spite of an exhaustive search of notary and other records at the Archives of Montreal. Wm. McPherson was probably Presbyterian & his wife, Mary Ann Knight, was probably Catholic--might this have something to do with where/how death records are kept?

Does anyone have access to cemetery records (if any) for Les Cedres--Catholic or protestant? Any clues are welcome. Thanks

Kind Regards,
Merri Allen Vinton

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