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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC-L] Irish - St. Columban, Que to Ste-Marthe, Que
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 00:22:03 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Roy;

Based on the book by Serge Laurin entitled "Histoire
des Laurentides" I would venture to say that the
reasons for this "emigration" were twofold;

1) Around 1837 there was still an economic problem
for the farmers and they were unable to get good
prices for their products - wheat, grain, oats;

2) St Columban and surrounding villages were still part
of the feudal system (St Columban was part of the fiefdom
of the Sulpicians, from whom the Irish obtained their
concessions) and there were no lonnger any concessions
to be granted to growing families. Thus the children
often had to move to new territories. He says there
were only about a dozen concessions left to be granted in
the county of Deux-Montagnes in 1826.

As for the parents who were the tenant farmers, they
had to pay each year certain sums of money and other
payments in kind to the Seigneur. During periods of
low prices, and possibly declining crops due to over
farming and lack of good farming techniques, these
obligations could become so onerous that whole families
would pick up and move. One of the results of the 1837
rebellion was the abolition of the Seignioral
system in Lowerr Canada.
While some incremental revenue could be obtained by the
production of potash (prices were good for potash
during the early part of the 19th century, according
to Laurin), once all the trees had been cut, and the
logs burnt, that source of revenue disappeared.

Most of the towns around St Columban showed a decline
in population, expecially starting from 1850.

This is an opinion, based on Mr. Laurin's book.
I'm sure someone more learned will find other


On Wed, 19 May 1999, Pat & Roy <> wrote:
>While researching the 1851 Canada East Census for Vaudreuil County, I
>noticed that there were several entries for Irish families that listed
>some offspring born in St. Columban and others born in Ste-Marthe, both
>in Quebec. It would appear that this movement took place sometime
>around 1837 based on birth dates on the census. St. Columban is north
>of Montreal about 35 miles while Ste-Marthe is west of Montreal, about
>25 miles.
>My particular interests are with the MONAGHAN and MADDEN families in
>Would some knowledgeable individual know the reason that many Irish
>families would make this move at that particular time.
>Any leads greatly appreciated.
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