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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] MUNN birth & Death records in St Jacques & St. Theodore
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 17:16:15 -0400
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Julie Munn passed away October 13, and buried October 15, 1907
St-Ambroise-de-Kildare (St-Jacques, St-Philippe)

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Subject: [QUEBEC] MUNN birth & Death records in St Jacques & St. Theodore

I am looking for the birth records for the children of David MUNN & Mathilde
A few years ago Gary Boivin looked up their marriage record and it came back

David MONNE, son of
married Jun 14 1842 St-Jacques, St-Jacques-de-l'Achigan, Montcalm, QC
Mathilde RICHARD, daughter of

In the 1851 census, David & Mathilde are living in St Jacques de l'Achigan,
Leinster County, Quebec
and have already had 6 children, but the names are very hard to make out in
the census.
It looks like:

1. Meilina Munn, Female, age 8, born about 1843 in St Jacques
2. Douthie Munn, Male, age 8, born about 1843 in St Jacques
3. Julia Richard Munn, Female, age 6, born about 1845 in Rawdon
4. Thomas Munn, Male, age 5, born about 1846 in Rawdon
5. Elen Munn, Female, age 2, born about 1849 in St Jacques
6. Elvire Munn, Female, age 1, born about 1850 in St Jacques

There were at least three more children born in the 1850's, but the 1861
census does not list household members. I would love to have the birth info
for these and any additional children I might not know of:

7. Medric Munn, born 18 March 1852, in Joliet or St. Theodore, Montcalm
Co, Quebec
died 3 Oct 1937 in Bristol, Hartford Co,
Connecticut, USA
(My ex descends from this Medric.)

8. Camille Munn, born July 1855, probably in Joliet or St. Theodore,
Montcalm Co, Quebec
probably died in Crookston City, Polk County,
Michigan, USA.
I am in contact with a descendant of Camille's.

9. David Munn (not sure if he is a son of David & Mathilde or not, but I
think so).

>From what has been passed down, David (the father) went to sell a wagon one
day and never returned, and then Mathilde became depressed and died shortly
following. This was when Medric and Camille were young and they were
brought up by another family.

Is there any way to find death records for David Munn and Mathilde Richard
Munn, probably both in the 1850s or early 1860s?

Thanks in advance!

Janet (in Connecticut)
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