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From: "Joe & Laura Schmidt" <>
Subject: [QUENNELL] Introduction and 20 Tips on Email and Netiquette
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 10:09:51 -0800

Hi List Members!

I am Laura Schmidt. I am the co-list maintainer of Corinne's lists. I have
no ties that I see to this surname, but lots of experience as a list
maintainer. I also am an experienced researcher. I have been researching
my family roots for over 36 years. ( Pre "Roots" and not LDS) I teach
genealogy locally (south eastern Washington state). I also go to senior
citizen's homes and teach them to use their own computers and how to do
internet research. I am a USGenWeb volunteer. I maintain 5 counties, 27 +
mailing lists, 30 + message boards. When it comes to genealogy I do
everything free. Genealogy is my passion and helping others is my love.

Since it is at that time of year when the lists start to get busy, I figured
I would give you all some hints at writing more productive emails and a
little bit of netiquette. Hopefully some of you will pick up on a few of

1) Please when writing to the list, look at the subject line in your email!
Is it pertinent to your query? Or have you just hit the reply button to
someone else's mail and the subject has nothing to do with your letter?
Please make that subject line special to your query!

2) DO NOT hit reply to on the entire digest! DO NOT have a subject line
that says Re: LISTNAME-D Digest V00 #266! That subject has nothing to do
with your query or anyone else's original message!

3) When writing a query, DO NOT write in all UPPERCASE LETTERS! This is
only done when you are SHOUTING at someone!

4) When writing an effective query, please put SURNAMES in UPPERCASE as this
makes it easier for others to spot when reading their mail, thusly making
your query more effective!

5) Try to list any dates and locations that you know! Maybe someone else
will be searching that SURNAME in that time period and locality, (not
necessarily your ancestor but maybe a brother, sister or cousin)

6) Always include your email address in the body of the letter too! The
messages are archived. It will be easier for someone to do a search in the
mail lists and see your email address in the body so if they are not list
members, they can still answer you easily!

7) Be polite! No one is perfect and not everyone will take the time to use
common netiquette, but that doesn't mean you have a right to tell them what
to do. If you have a problem with a list member, write
and let the list maintainer decide what to do.
You have no right telling fellow list members what to do or not to do!

8) When sending a web site address, always type it in the form of "http://.";
because some e-mail programs will permit the user to click on a web address
to go right there. Without the "http://"; prefix these programs will not
recognize it as such.

9) Do not blatantly promote your business by posting an advertisement to a
discussion group, unless it is clearly an accepted use and you have cleared
it with the list maintainer first. Otherwise, you are "spamming."

10) Do not forward personal e-mail to a discussion group without getting the
author's permission first. Also do not forward from one mail list to another
without the original author of the message's permission!

11) Read over your e-mail before you send it. Although e-mail is an informal
method of communication, be sure you make your points clear and concise. Use
a spell checker if available!

12) Consider that a large audience will see your posts. Take care in what
you write. Remember too, that mailing lists are archived, and that your
words will be stored for a very long time in a place to which many people
have access.

13) If you are sending a reply to a message or a posting be sure you
summarize the original at the top of the message, or include just enough
text of the original to give a context. This will make sure readers
understand when they start to read your response. Giving context helps
everyone. But do not include the entire original!

14) Be careful when you reply to messages or postings. Frequently replies
are sent back to the address which originated the post - which in many cases
is the address of the mail list! You may accidentally send a personal
response to a great many people, embarrassing all involved.

15) When sending a message to more than one mailing list, especially if the
lists are closely related, apologize for cross-posting!

16) When unsubscribing from a list on RootsWeb write a new email in plain
text to (or -D if you are a digest mode
member) with only the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the body of the message and please
spell unsubscribe correctly. You have to unsub from the address you are
subscribed under, otherwise you will never get off the list! If you can't
use the address you are subscribed under, write
and explain the problem.

17) Do not post virus warnings to the mail lists! RootsWeb has filtering
set up where you will NEVER get a virus from a RootsWeb mailing list!

18) Always post in "plain text" If you don't know how to switch your
program to plain text, see http://helpdesk.rootsweb.com/help/html-off.html
and it will walk you through it!

19) Write before deciding to promote a new
mailing list. Ask permission first!

20) Most of all have fun!

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