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From: Hillra Qualls <>
Subject: Notes of Hattie Quarles Wyatt John Quarles of Bedford Co, VA
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 23:51:24 -0500 (EST)

Sorry, I have been silent for several weeks. Lots of things going on and
so little time. I took a college class but that is now ended.

John Quarles of Bedford County, VA
John Quarles appears first in the records of Bedford County when he buys
land of Matthew Talbot, Jr. He had already become a resident of the county,
as the dee shows.

Deed Book "A", page 145, dated September 26, 1757

Matthew Talbot, Jr. and Mary, his wife, of Bedford County, To John quarles
of the same county "for divers good causes and considerations" and the sum
of fifty pounds, a tract of land (number of acres not stated) on both sides
of Johnson's Creek, a south branch of Otter River, adjoining Phelps, etc.

He made further purchases in 1764, 1766, and 1770. In 1782 Campbell County
was cut from Bedford's territory and his home was evidently in that section
of the county, for his will is found recorded in Campbell in 1790.

Will Book #1, page 139 - Campbell County, VA. Records
Will of John Quarles made August 5, 1789; propated January 7, 1790;
mentions, wife, Sarah; son, James, a part of a tract of land "where my
quarter now is lying on the South side of Medews Creek"; daughter, Jane
Executors: wife, Sarah, William Quarles, and son, James Quarles.
Witnessess: Edward Deering, James Deering, Elizabeth Deering/
Securities for executors: Caleb Tate, Edward Tate, James Deering, John
Quarles, Jr., and William Quarles, Jr.

This last item proves that William Quarles and William Quarles, Jr., were
not one and the same.)

Will Book "E" Page 324, Bedford County, VA

Will of Sarah Quarles made June 2, 1819; probated January 28, 1822; mentions
daughter, Sarah Hale; grand-daughter, Sarah W. Crenshaw, daughter of son,
James Quarles; David W. Quarles and Maria Quarles, children of son, James;
grandchildren, son and daughter of Jane Talbot; John Quarles, son of son,
John Quarles, Roger Quarles; son, Sameul
Quarles; daughter, Lucy Trigg; son, William Quarles, dec'd.
Executors: Son, samuel Quarles, and David W. Quarles, Sr.
Signed Sarah Quarles
Witnesses: James Lancaster, Jesse Leftwich, John T. Leftwich

(David W. Quarles, Sr. was not doubt son of James and Mary (Walker) Quarles.
see forward.)
I was thinking I had typed in part of this but since it supports the other I
will type again as I am unsure at this point. Thank you for your understanding.

State of Tennessee, Wilson County
Wills and Inventories, Book 1814-1819 Page 211

Will of James Quarles made October, 1815; probated in Wilson County,
Tennessee, December 1816; mentions wife, Elizabeth; eldestson,David quarles;
second son' son, John B. Quarles (John B. Quarles, my grandson); two eldest
daughters, Ann Maria I Quarles and Sarah Winston Quarles; Alexander R.
Quarles, Samuel O.Quarles, Milton Winston Quarles, James Madison Quarles and
Eliza Ann Quarles....."my children last names, that is to say, by my loving
wife, Elizabeth Quarles", etc...
Signed by James Quarles
Executors: wife, Elizabeth Quarles, Alanson Trigg, Joseph Sharp.
Witnessess: A. Harris, Leonard H. Lewis, S.A. Puckett (Jurat), John Colins
(Jurat), James Condon.

Will Book "D" Bedfor County, VA, Page 2
Will of John Quarles made July 11, 1810; probated December 24, 1810,
mentions wife, Nancy; sons, William (not yet of age), John and David;
daughters Peletiah Ann Quarles, Elizabeth Jane Quarles and Wilmuth Jones
Quarles. To sons, John and David "my tract of land containing six
hundred and forthy acres in Wilson County, TN. after the death of their
mother", etc.
Signed John Quarles
Witnessess: Elizabeth Mead, Wilmuth Walker
"OUR KIN" by Ackerly and Parker, page 682. Will of David Walker of
Dinwiddie County, VA, made December 31, 1791.
"2nd Items, I give to my daughter, Mary Quarles, all that I have possessed
her with and six head of cows, to her and her heirs forever.

"Item, I give to my daughter, Nancy Quarles, all that I have possessed her
with and six head of cows and a young sorrel colt, to her and her heirs,
"Item, I give to my grandson, David Walker Quarles, onenergo girl name Amy,
to him and his heirs forever.

Page 694. Mary, daughter of David and Peletiah (Jones) Walker of
Dinwiddie County, VA., married a Quarles and came to Bedford. Their son
David, marrieda Leftwich, and his daughter, Theodesia, married Samuel
Phillips Walker(whose son, Alonza Trigg Walker is still living in Bedfor
County. Address Bedford, Route 4) ******Remember Hattie Wyatt did this
sometime in the 1920's thru 1930's***.

Nancy, another daughter of David and Peletiah (Jones) Walker married a
Quarles also and came to Bedford County. She had a son, John, who married
Mary Walker and whose children are:
Walter Quarles married (1) Hettie Franklin; (2) Lettie Coley.
Roger " " ______Ellis
Alice " " Lindsay Fisher
Sallie " " R. Lee Whorley
Annie " " Robert Lee Robertson (2nd wife)
This is still on Hattie's page.
NOTE: I have just talked to Annie Quarles Robertson, who lives in Bedford
(town) and she says her father, John Quarles, was born October 9, 1805; died
in 1887. She is third from the youngest child. She also told me that her
uncle William Quarles was the eldest child of John Quarles, (Jr.) and that
he, William, and David went to Tennessee, but that her
father, John (III) always lived in Bedford County,Virginia. Lula E.J. Parker)
**********TO BE CONTINUED*******

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