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From: "Kathy" <>
Subject: [Qualls-Quarles] Re: Isaac Quarles in King William Co VA and his huge family
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 20:40:08 -0800
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First - sorry for my error in the original message saying that Isaac's first
child could have been born in 1754 - of course I meant to say 1774 - the
year he was married.

The Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, vol. V is discussing the family of
Isaac Quarles JR. (not Sr.) The error there is that he was NOT the son of
Roger, but rather the son of Isaac and Elizabeth Sutherland. Dicey K.
Quarles can be seen as an apparent widow in the 1850 Census in Richmond VA
(pg. 306) - age 47 living with a few young females with both Quarles and
King surnames.

The probate record of Henry Quarles (shown below) was essential as far as I
can tell to discovering the relationship between Henry and his brother
Isaac. So far I haven't seen anything else that demonstates it.

One of the list members sent me this morning a copy of the Isaac Quarles
Bible record (which she hand copied from one she saw in a library) which
gave the names of 16 children - if anyone wants a copy, I will be happy to
forward it. Many of the children apparently died young. Given names in
addition to those I listed were James S. (who I forgot to list), James
Turner, Richard (d.y.), Betty, Henry (d.y.), Oscar (d.y.), Fendall
Southerland (d.y.).

Thanks for all the interest - I got several good leads and/or ideas from
people who responded. Unfortunately, however, I think I now have to
disregard Isaac as a possible ancestor of mine.

Kathy Beals

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Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 5:49 PM
Subject: Re: Isaac Quarles in King William Co VA and his huge family

> Hi,
> I have been reading with interest the information on Isaac Quarles and
> Southerland. Does anyone have information on the following:
> Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume V
> Isaac Quarles, son of Roger and Elizabeth (Sutherland) Quarles, married
> Pemberton,
> daughter of Major Thomas and Dicey (King) Pemberton, and granddaughter of
> Pemberton, of England. Major Thomas Pemberton was a brave patriot in the
> revolution, and
> during the war raised and equipped a company at his own expense. He
> Dicey King,
> daughter of Miles King, first mayor of Norfolk, and his wife, Lady Mary
> daughter of
> Lord Bailey, of England.
> Also, can anyone shed any light on this:
> Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA
> Quarles, Henry (A.G. 50,135), Capt. Va. State Art., was a Lieut. at Fort
> Feb. 12, 1777; served three years and d in 1810. Pay was allowed to Sept.
> 1810. His will dated Sept. 17, 1810, refers to him as of Essex Co., Va. To
> son Francis West Quarles he gave part of his Ky. military land, formerly
> to him and to Foushee G. Tebbs. His other children were Susannah
> Dabney, wife of George Dabney, and Ann Howell Tebbs, wife of Foushee G.
> The children of his son Francis were: Henry, Ann, Lucy, Francis, Susanna
> Sarah. The exrs. of his will were George Dabney, son-in-law, Foushee G.
> son-in-law, Isaac Quarles, bro., and Francis Smith, friend. Witnesses to
> will were William L. Waring, William Jones and Vincent Ramsey.
> Thanks,
> Joyce
> wrote:
> > Kathy,
> >
> > I don't believe Isaac is a direct ancestor of mine, but with that many
> > offspring, who knows? At any rate, I am interested in any information on
> > Quarles line.
> >
> > I think there must be a typo in your paragraphs 4 & 5 where you mention
> > Isaac's marriage date as 1754 and "...first child born in 1754...."
> >
> > There is an entry in the "Henley Marriage & Obituary Database" in the
> > of Virginia (LVA) web site that gives the publication date of the
> > notice of Isaac & Miss Southerland as 5 May 1774. The same source also
> > a md. of 18 May 1809 for Archer Coleman and "Miss Margaret Quarles,
> > of Isaac Quarles of Kg Wm Co. Another notice of 4 Feb 1818 gives a md.
> > Capt Armistead Coleman to Miss Betsy S. Quarles at Woodberry, the
> > of the late Isaac Quarles.
> >
> > In Vol 5, Series I, of "Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607 -
1800" by
> > Dorothy Ford Wulfeck of Naugatuck, Conn, there is an entry that
indicates the
> > marriage of a Elizabeth Southerland Quarles to a Hardin Littlpage. Could
> > Elizabeth be Lizzie, the dau. of Isaac & his Elizabeth Southerland?
There is
> > no date or location.
> >
> > In that same source there is an entry that indicates the marriage of a
> > Coleman Quarles to a Thomas Littlepage - no date, no location. There are
> > entries for 5 Jane Quarleses and 5 Mary Quarleses all with different
> > and no other identifications.
> >
> > The info I have on the relationship of Isaac, Capt Henry, and Major
> > matches yours. Any idea who Isaac's mother was? Or his grandfather? I am
> > trying to establish a connection to Capt John Quarles (abt 1660 - 1734)
& his
> > wife Jane Mallory (1665 - ??) of Kg Wm Co. I would like to hear from
> > with evidence or logical speculation.
> >
> > Bob Quarles
> > Warner Robins, Ga
> >
> > Subj: Isaac Quarles in King William Co VA and his huge family
> > Date: 2/20/01 11:48:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
> > From: (Kathy)
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> > (Kathy)
> > To:
> >
> > Not even sure that Isaac is my ancestor - in fact he likely is not - but
> > am studying all of the early families of King William County in order to
> > to see where my line could fit. Just thought I would throw out some
data I
> > have found on Isaac.
> >
> > He was born ca 1754 or 55, probably in King William Co., and was the
> > of Capt. Henry Quarles [per his probate records 1810 Essex Co VA], and
> > a son of Major James Quarles [ca 1720 - 1799]. Several bits of hard
> > evidence exist about Isaac Quarles. One is the Bible record of his
> > daughter which gives the birth date of her father, George W. Quarles as
> > occurring in 1792, and further elaborating that her father George W. was
> > youngest and best looking of the 22 children of Isaac Quarles.
> >
> > There is a very nice obituary for Isaac [he died 24 Jan 1817] in the
> > Richmond Enquirer of 1 Feb 1817, of which I have a copy. Some is worth
> > quoting, "...Maj Isaac Quarles, in the 63rd year of his age. When a
> > beardless boy, he was made an officer in a volunteer corps of dragoons -
> > with his brethren in arms, he fought the foe during the revolutionary
> > struggle...He was married at the early age of 19 to his late and only
> > and they were the joint and affectionate parents of twenty-three
> > children....Hw was acting as Justice of the peace for near forty
> >
> > The marriage date for Isaac and "Miss Sutherland" was reported in the
> > newspaper in Apr 1754. The obituary for Mrs. Elizabeth Quarles, wife of
> > Major Isaac, appeared on 3 Jul 1810, and stated that she was the
> > mother of twenty four children, whom it was her incessant care to rear
up in
> > the habits, of honest and virtuous industry."
> >
> > Altogether this makes for some interesting calculations. If their first
> > child was born in 1754, the year of their marriage, and their last one
> > in 1792 - the birth date of George W. Quarles, then the average was more
> > than one child per year! All kinds of possible explanations could be
> > forth - some children born after 1792 could have died, there could have
> > several multiple births, there could have been adoptions, and there
> > have been exaggeration.
> >
> > Isaac's known children - due to recovered deeds etc. from fragmentary
> > records, and a couple of miscellaneous newspaper notices are: Betsey
> > Sarah Coleman, Isaac Jr., Mary, Jane, Lizzie, Margaret and George W.
> > Quarles. Some others who lived in the vicinity, and who I think could
> > have been sons are Benjamin Quarles and Fleming Quarles, and whoever was
> > husband of the widow Christian Quarles in the 1820 Census in King
> > Co.(perhaps Robert F. Quarles.)
> >
> > My William Quarles was apparently born between 1770 - 1774, and perhaps
> > a son, but I'm beginning to doubt it.
> >
> > Would enjoy hearing from anyone who knows or thinks they are descendants
> > Isaac, or for that matter, any of the early King William people.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Kathy Beals
> >

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